Friday, January 02, 2009

I love New Year's

It is my favorite holiday :) I am not sure if it is just because Christmas is finally over, or if I just love new beginnings, or both! :)

I do know that we had such a good time at Linda's. We went ice skating!! I loved it. The girls loved it. Even Kevin loved it :) :) :)

Here are some pictures. We are still camera challenged I guess, cuz most are blurry. I tried fixing most of the ones I am posting, but I am not that great at "fixing" photos, either. But you can see how fun it was. It was FREEZING! So there are lotsa red noses. And stiff smiles. LOL As you can see they had these handy dandy little walkers. Raechel and Lincoln enjoyed them. Even the bigger girls enjoyed them ;)

The pics of Lincoln are all blurry. Maybe because he is like a little Tasmanian Devil? Haha

Patience and Faithy and with Brooklyn in the second pic.

Faith, Brooklyn, and Cassie.
Kela and Brooklyn, Faith Patience and Raechel. Kela and Brooklyn again in second pic :)

Everyone getting warm!!
Me and Kela, then me and Cassie



Me and Kevin


  1. Thats a nifty way to learn to ice skate. I think if I were to use one to learn to ice skate it wouldn't look near as cute. In fact people would yell at me "Go Granny Go!" LOL

  2. That looks like it was SO MUCH FUN! :)

  3. That really does look like fun! I haven't been ice skating in years...

  4. oh wow! how fun!! I have to laugh, cuz once again, I swear we are twinners somewhere ~ our towns' ice rink looks just like that, right down to the metal walls in the background ( they only have the ice up in the winter here, in the summer, it's used as a civic events shelter.) And, my daughter has the exact same blue & grey coat! lol,lol ~ AND, my husband is a hockey-player, so he is always trying to get the rest of us onto the ice more often. ( but, in my case, resistance is futile,lol, it's a love -hate relationship ~ skating thins my butt, but it skins my butt, too, lol, cuz I fall ~ A LOT!) Anyway, those walker doohickey's look like so much fun! and more useful than the side of the rink, too,lol, although, that rink edge has proved WAY USEful more than twice! ;-D
    ps ~ hope you & yours had a lovely Christmas & New Year! Kids & family are what it's all about! ;-D

  5. Despite growing up in Colorado, I have never ice skated once in my whole life. Boy, does it look fun! (And I so love that your teen will hold your hand in public. That is just awesome!)

  6. That looks fun, but I am horrible at ice skating! It really hurts my ankles...I wonder if I am not doing it right!