Friday, January 09, 2009

I got my walk in today!

Firstly, thank you all for the kind compliments about my hair!!! I am finding I am not so good at styling it as the girl who cut it for me. *blush* But hopefully I get the hang of it or I like it better when it grows. Cuz I feel like I made a mistake almost.

But ANYway! About my activity today ;)

My friend Michelle was supposed to pick me up to go help her at her preschool in Mineral Wells this morning. So I left a bit early and told Kevin I would just walk to the top of the hill to meet her. I walked up to Randall's house and walked back and forth in his driveway for a bit. Well. She didn't come and didn't come. So I went ahead and walked out the road (it was 26 degrees, and I didn't have a hat, mind you. My ears were FROZEN! hahaha) And she still didn't come and didn't come. So I went ahead and walked down the hill to Red Hill Road. Finally I called her cuz she was really late.

She was all the way to the Mineral Wells exit when she finally remembered me!! LOL

I eventually walked clear out to Route 50 to wait for her. Luckily I didn't wait long. I was SO COLD! I'd say that is about a two mile walk, maybe.

She bought me lunch (Soup! Wasn't I so good?!?!) so that more than made up for it :)

Then I had to run after all the 4-year-olds this morning, so I am giving myself about 3 activity points today!

Hopefully I will see a loss on the scales come Tuesday because of Michelle and her 17 adorable four-year-olds ;)


  1. You are one brave woman: cold is one thing, but a room full of four year olds? Um, NO. ;)

  2. Wow. From a frozen hike to wrangling four-year-olds is quite a workout indeed!

  3. I am so glad I could help you get your walk in this morning!:) So sorry that you were out in the cold so long. I tried to have your seat warmer turned on as soon as I remembered so that your seat would be nice and toasty to unthaw you. Thanks for your help today!:)

  4. Always gotta wear a hat, lady! :-) Hope the walk felt good (minus the cold)