Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cloth Diapers Rule :)

The Happy Housewife has a very cool cloth vs disposable post with a chart showing how much money you can save if you cloth diaper your baby!!

I love it! I loved my cloth diapers, especially when I didn't have to use the pins.

I saved even more mulah than what is shown on the chart, because I used even cheaper diapers, and less of them. I had a pack of twelve of the Kushies, bought on Ebay (brand new) for $30. The rest of the time, I used the prefolds and plastic pants :) Veeerrrrry cheap.

Nowadays you can buy even better cooler diapers on the internet for just as cheap. My sil Karen recently did. I was SO THRILLED when Karen told me she was interested in cloth diapering. I can't wait to see her babies little plushy bottom in his cloth diapies :) hehe

I did cloth with all my kids, but never exclusively. Meaning I ended up buying disposables with all of them. But most of the time I did cloth. And I could see a big difference money-wise.

For the washing, I usually used vinegar and baking soda. (Baking soda in the rinse cycle is nice too.) Even cheaper!! :)

And hang them to dry, and guess what? EVEN CHEAPER!! :) haha

It is not nearly as much trouble as people think, either. I never was one to rinse things out before washing. I always just had a pail of water with baking soda (sometimes detergent) that I threw my dirty diapers into. Then I would dump it all into the washer. When the poops became solid I would dump it in the toilet first, before throwing the diaper into the pail.

Easy peasy ;)

And as for being more laundry. Uhhh. I do about a ton of laundry every day anyway. I never noticed a difference!! LOL

Anyhow. I just had to do this post, because I enjoyed my cloth diapers so much (esp. the last time around when it was so easy) and I am glad Toni-The Happy Housewife is thinking of trying it out. I am still very excited about my sil trying them out too! She totally surprised me with it :) :) :)

It is a fabulous way to cut down on your trash too!!!! :)


(I know, I am goofy, sorry! LOL)


  1. How cool! I'm determined to put Piper in cloth. Although I haven't bought any diapers yet. That is on my to-do for next week. I think I'm going to start with some pre-folds, too. Trying to keep it as cheap as possible.

  2. I have diaper laundry washing as I type! You are who convinced me to use cloth diapers, so I had to comment. Yea, cloth diapers!

  3. I tried this once, but I was convinced that I had to rinse them every time I changed the baby (which didn't always happen because the baby liked to nurse right after a changing), needless to say, it didn't last long because rinsing them out is really gross. Maybe I'll try this again. With the whole diaper pail thing...what exactly do you put in it? How much? And then you just wash them like you normally would wash things (but by themselves, just for good measure, right). How often did you wash a load of diapers?

    Anyway, just thought I'd ask...I have a hard time wanting to look at messy diapers more than once, but I do realize it is kind of a necessary evil. There are a lot of benefits to cloth.

    Thanks for your time!

  4. Another mom calling out YAY for cloth diapers! We have three children ages 15, 13, and 10, and I put all three through cloth diapers, rubber pants, and pins. I loved using pins! Folding and pinning! Clothesline drying too!