Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caution: bragging ahead!!

I know that the world does not care.



Are size 8 jeans!!!!! Did you get that?!?!?! SIZE 8!!!!

People! I haven't worn a size 8 in YEARS.

Ahhh...I feel good. :)

Kevin and I had to take my little babysitting boy home up to Vienna today, so we went ahead and stopped at Walmart. Where I was looking at the jeans. (The cheap jeans. $9 for a pair of jeans ain't bad, imo, and they're cute too!) And we found these cute dark straight leg jeans.

So I got a size 12, because my 14's? They are too big on me now!! (air punch!) And so I knew I needed a smaller size. The 12's looked pretty big to me, so I also got a 10, just in case. I would be SO EXCITED to wear a size 10!

So I am trying them on, and I come out of the dressing room and show Kevin the 10's (cuz the 12's? They were huge on me!!!) And the waist of the 10's was sticking out, oh maybe an inch or more. So I was like "KEVIN! Can you go get me an 8?! I think I need an 8!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! AN 8!! ME?!" And the ladies at the dressing room all said, "YAY!" for me, and the one lady even said, "I think you should try a 6!" And I was like "Nuh uh!!" But anyway the other lady said she'd go get me an 8, and I tried on the 8 and THEY FIT!!!! And all three of the ladies said, "OH they look good on you!!!" And I said, "I AM SO HAPPY!" And then Kevin said, "I guess they've started making them bigger haven't they?" And the one lady said, "Wooooaahhhh, you want to start fixin your own food, dontcha?!" hahaha And then Kevin said, "They look good, honey." And it is a good thing, cuz I didn't really wanna kick him ;)


So how'd ya like that? ME! In a size 8!!!

I am so pumped. I am telling ya. (Not that you could tell, right? haha)


  1. Look at you..lookin good! Who's the hot momma now? :)
    Im so proud of you I think that is awesome.
    I love Wally Worlds $9.00 jeans!

  2. You look awesome Lawanda! I'm so happy for you!

  3. Yeah! You look fabulous! I'm very happy for you.


    You've worked so hard for it. You look awesome!

  5. You are awesome!!!! And you look wonderful!!!!

  6. Yea! Good for you. You look wonderful!

  7. Well, I think your size 8 is our size 12, and that is a perfect size to be ! They look great and I bet you feel awesome, well done sweetie.

    My jeans are also too big AU14. I bought 3 pairs for $20 each and I think I could now go back for a size AU12 :D

  8. AWESOME! Great job. I hope to join you one of these days!