Saturday, December 06, 2008

Too much snow!

Really. People who LIKE this stuff are weird. :-p

Nah, it is ok if you don't have to be out in it or drive in it! Which lucky for me, I haven't!

Daddy had to take my babysittin girls down to the bottom of the hill cuz their mama didn't want to drive up here. I am glad she didn't cuz Daddy spun his tires and was sitting there spinning for a while!

And our stinkin dog got out and would NOT come back in. She is still out there at the moment. I am not chasing her down. If she gets cold or hungry I guess she'll come back.

Thanks so much about "the gifts" ;) I am taking the pics and references down now, cuz Faithy is wanting on here ;)

I am thinkin up some other stuff I might make them too, but I am not sure if I will have time :)

So I am gonna get off here now and fret about the crazy canine runnin the snowy hills. Grrr.

She's back.

Pain in the butt. *rolleyes*


  1. Just wanted to say "Hi!" *waves* And I hate the snow too! Actually, its not so much the snow as the cold. If it could be 70 degrees and snow, I'd be okay with it.

  2. I love snow, but we hardly get any. That's just sad to this Colorado-born mama at Christmas.

    Would you like some of our rain and wind? We have plenty to spare.... ;)

  3. Oh I love snow - to just watch it not drive in it or live with it!! We had snow when we were living in Japan and so glad that there no snow now in Dubai!

  4. Snow gets on my nerves here too...I don't mind it when I am stayin' in but I can't stand it when it messes with my plans.