Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not much going on

My kids got tired of hearing me complain about my weight (I gained a half pound this week) so they laid out my work-out clothes on my bed and told me to come look at their surprise. They had me put them on and put my hair in a ponytail and made me do Richard Simmons with them. LOL

I also tracked my food today. I know I should do it more, but I don't :(

Scrappy Girl mentioned that my family are going to turn into a gang of Mexican Chickens and so I looked and sure enough every week or so we've been having Mexican Chicken! haha But I love it! It is so low in points. And it is YUMMY! ;) So I guess we'll just all have to be a gang of Mexican Chickens! LOL

I am about finished with the albums of grandma. I am copying letters from my grandpa right now to tuck into the slots. :)

I plan on typing a couple of them out, because they are interesting bits of history! But not tonight. My fingers are too stiff from the COLD. yuck.

My aunt Linda and her family, including this sweet baby:

are all coming down from Wellsburg on Saturday. I hope they stay all night. I can't wait :)

Isn't Lydia growing?! She is so cute!!


  1. awww...what a cutie patootie!

  2. Mexican Chickens, LOL too funny. I can not believe how fast Babies grow!!

  3. What a cute baby!

    We do the same thing with our menu...we eat the same things over and over...


  4. Your kids rock! Not only because they made you work out, but because they already know that exercise is good for your weight!

  5. Hi Lawanda - nothing wrong with becoming a Mexican Chicken. I was a pizza in college and I turned out ok *lol*

    I end up making the same things frequently but we love them and it work so there ya go. I do try to search allreacipes to get new ideas but always go back to those old favorites!

  6. I stopped tracking what I eat and stopped going to the gym and I gained weight in a blink! Grrr. Goodluck with your weight loss journey!