Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Holidays From Our House To Yours

This is our xmas card this year :) My family members are down here decorating their tree right now. Yes, we got a tree. But I insisted on getting one we can plant. If I am going to have to have a tree, at least I got one I can plant outside where it is useful, instead of just pitching it! Bah humbug. :-p

The kids are all excited because Kevin is setting up his train and tracks under it.

Actually, Raechel was just plum tickled that we got a tree at all. She was jumping up and down and hugging my leg and saying, "We are gettin' a KISSMAS TWEE, Mommy!" while we were picking it out. hehe

That is enough to make me be ok with the xmas tree. LOL ;)


  1. Your card looks so nice! I should have gotten professional ones done...but no I wanted to try it on the farm MYSELF...I get these big ideas! I am going to try one more time today to take the photo...if I can't get it...I am going to be a non-card sender!

  2. You all look so wonderful! Merry Christmas!

  3. oh, I love trains! I have always wanted one to have at Christmas. Maybe when we stop moving we can get one.
    I got your email the other day, I would love to have you guest post if you can think of something to say, lol :).

  4. What a fabulous photo! You all look wonderful.

  5. Your family looks so great! And that is really cute about Rachael! Most of the joy in all the Christmas busyness is watching the children's joy. Trust me, I wouldn't have put out any decorations at all if not for my children this year!

  6. I want to see your tree!

    That's a great family photo - you look fantastic! Congrats on meeting your weight goals!


  7. I LOVE the card. This is the first year I'd heard of plantable trees. I think it is a GREAT idea! I miss real trees!

    Thank you for your sweet words regarding my Grandma!