Thursday, December 11, 2008

Got your crazy right here!

Anyone need a little crazy? I got enough to go around ;)

Serious insanity, too. None of that Silly I am so infamous for! haha

Ok, here's is what I am talking about: I think I am REALLY nuts.

Wanna know why?

Because at the grocery store on Tuesday I was shopping away and trying to find the Tortilla Chips I normally buy. They weren't there. So what did I do? I started talking to myself. Naturally.

"Where ARE they?!?!" - while walking up and down the aisle in search of them.

A very nice lady with blond hair in a half ponytail asked me what I was looking for. She knew what I was talking about, and she said half the time they are out of them, but these other kind are just as good. So I bought the other kind and after talking with the nice lady for a few minutes, I went on my merry way.

Maybe I should say I went on my punch-drunk way.

Anyhow, so I go to the pineapples. And right beside me is a lady with blond hair in a half ponytail. I thought it was the same lady. So I started telling her about the pineapple I bought the other day.

(The pineapple I bought the other day was sitting on my island and I kept hearing a sort of squealing or squeaking noise and couldn't figure out what it was. Come to find out it was my pineapple fermenting! I am not kidding. But it was kinda funny. LOL)

And so I was in the middle of telling this lady my pineapple story and finally figured out it WAS NOT the same lady. She was sweet though, and very indulgent of the insane lady talking her ear off in the produce section of the Walmark.

But this is not where my day of crazy stopped. Nosiree.

I must out do my crazy self whenever I can, I guess.

So I got to the checkout, and I saw a lady I knew. I thought it was strange that I saw her, because I had just found her daughter, a friend of mine from elementary school, on myspace the night before. So of course I was telling her I found her daughter on myspace, and asked her how she'd been and asked her about her house, etc, etc.

I emailed my friend and told her I saw her mom at walmart and she said, now that would be something. Because her mom had moved down there to Tennessee with her!!


I actually KNEW it wasn't my friends mom. Or maybe I should say I was thinking, "Is that Anna's mom?" I knew I knew the lady. But it was definitely not Anna's mom. LOL

I still am trying to figure out who she was. Cuz I know I know her.

But she now thinks she was accosted by an absolutely NUTSO INSANE LADY in the walmart checkout on Tuesday! hahahaha


I need to get back on the Ginko. Fo Sho.



  1. You are a hoot!! I am glad to know I am not the only crazy. I thionk I have done each of those things, but never on the same day. *wink*

  2. From the sound of things not only are you going nuts...a rap artist has taken over your body...FO SHO! LOL! Peace out!

  3. lol! At least the crazy gave you some funny blog fodder.

  4. Oh, no. You did NOT just say Walmark, did you?



  5. Perhaps you should cut back on the fermented pineapple before it for after, hahahahahaha!

    I thought I was the only one who went around randomly frightening people with my half a brain. What a relief to know I am not alone. (Although the voices in my head should be company enough...)