Saturday, December 27, 2008

Coal for Christmas


Not because I was bad either!! LOL

We got Coal for Christmas, though!! Let me tell you about our hectic Christmas Eve night!

It started out fine and normal enough. We were all getting ready for church, I had fixed Chicken Broccoli Alfredo and shared it with Mommy and Daddy and Mazie along with Randall's family. (Yes, ok, I admit it; I made waaaaaay too much! LOL) And we headed out to church and all was fine...

When we got to church, our preacher's son had had a wreck! He and the two boys who he had picked up to bring, ages 10 and 12, had glass ALL OVER THE PLACE in their hair, etc. But no one got hurt, thankfully!!

Mommy and Daddy spent half of the church service picking glass out of those boys' hair though.

And we had tons of visitors, so my class was full. And the one extra little boy I had: I could not understand him! So it was interesting to say the least :)

Well, that wasn't the exciting part. We got home, and Mommy called Kevin and asked if he'd come help them with a new baby calf that had just been born prematurely (they think) and then had ROLLED over the hill and out of the fence where his mama could not reach him. This happened once before, but not in such freezing weather! Unlike today (it was in the 70's), Wednesday night was in the TEENS! BRRRR.

The poor baby about froze to death. They worked them up into the barn and then they worked on getting the mama to nurse the poor frozen nearly dead baby.

We had planned on opening our gifts after church, so the girls and I waited for Daddy to come home from nursing the baby back to health. We watched The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe on tv while we waited so it was no biggie ;)

He got home a bit after 11. The girls had already sorted out their gifts, cuz they were pumped of course ;) Especially Raechel. haha She kept patting her gifts and saying, "What is it Mommy?" and squealing with delight when I told her she'd find out in a few minutes when she opened them. So cute...

So we opened gifts and got to bed... oh around 3 am! We haven't been able to get back into a good schedule since, either! LOL

Anyway, Cassie got to name the baby, who is doing WONDERFUL now, and since he was coal black and was our Christmas gift, she named him Coal :) I thought that was pretty darn clever!! :) Sometimes getting Coal for Christmas can be a great thing ;)


  1. So glad you had a nice Christmas. The name of the baby was definately clever! And glad no one was hurt in the accident at church.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to save the calf! Coal is such a good name for it. :-)

    Our schedule seems to have gone out the window too. Trying to get BIG kids (15, 12, 9) is NOT as easy as it used to be!

  3. Coal is certainly a clever name for a Christmas baby.

  4. What a great Christmas present!

  5. I love it! Coal is a perfect name. That's one clever girl. :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family - and happy New Year!