Sunday, December 21, 2008

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men

The weekend did not go as planned. My aunt, my cousin's baby Lydia, my cousins Patience and Lincoln - were all sick on Saturday! :(

So only Bud and Nathan got to come down. But Dan (my other cousin) also came over, and we had a good time. Linda called and Mommy put her on speaker so it was almost like she was there. Well... not really, but it was nice ;) I love family get-togethers. It is the ONLY thing I really like unequivocally about the holidays.

I got several happy birthday wishes. My mom took some pics of "me at 35", but I cannot put her pics on puter for some reason. Maybe cuz my puter is ANCIENT. LOL

I will try to get a pic of me at 35 to put on someday. (Don't look for it. haha)

We are going to another party today, my brother's in-laws are having us all over for lunch today :)

Then we will have our xmas at home either xmas eve or xmas morning. We will go to my mom's again for our own family's xmas on xmas morning at 10 am. Then Keith and Linda will stop by here and open gifts with our kids on their way down to spend a couple days with Karen and her fam :)

So that's the schemes.

If no one gets sick ;)



    I'm glad you still had some family to get together with.

  2. Why does this always happen at Christmas-time? At our house this week: back spasms - me, and stomach bug - Kevin. Aargh.

    Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!

    I'm sorry that not all of your get-together plans worked out. At least you got to see some of your family!

  4. Belated birthday wishes Lawanda!

    I hope things all work out for you. Tis crazy this time of the year.

    Happy holidays to you and the family!!!

  5. OHHHHH...I FORGOT !!!! OH NO, see, I truly AM the worst friend in the whole world :(

    I do love you and I hope you had a great birthday :)