Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Well, we have excitement here sometimes too!

If you think my life lacks excitement just because I live in the country and don't go hardly anywhere, well, you are WRONG. ;)

This morning the girls were TOTALLY excited because they were looking out the windows and seeing all kinds of fluffy white stuff. You know, the cold white winter precipitation people lovingly refer to as snow. (Ugh.)

Anyway, so they were chattering wildly over all the fun stuff they were planning on doing in the snow when all the sudden they all start hollering, "THE COWS ARE OUT!!"

Lo and behold: here come two of Daddy's cows moseying down Mommy and Daddy's driveway (it runs in front of our house, perpendicular to our driveway and parallel to the Meadow)...

So me and Kevin got all bundled up, and some of the kids did too. (So much for all their plans. Although they had a blast with this adventure! haha) We followed the meandering bovines down to the end of the driveway and they pretty much stayed by the fence and so it was not too difficult getting them to run up the hill toward the gate in front of Mommy's house. They went in the gate, but they do not belong in the Meadow, which is where they now were. So we had to herd them up toward the other field. Much like we did the last time we had a cattle drive. Only this time we had handicaps. Remember? That cold white stuff? It be slick!!! haha

So here I was, for it was me, how does it always end up being me? Yes... so here I was: walking behind these cattle to try and get them to go to the other end of the meadow and into the gate to go toward the correct field. (After that gate there was another gate, but we'll get into that momentarily ;))

The cattle decided they didn't WANT to mosey up the fence line. They wanted to get me a little exercise! So they veered off to the left, up the hill. I tried veering off to the left to get there before them and thus herd them back in the correct direction. But alas, I slipped and fell and SLID on my side clear back down to the fence.

Fun times, let me tell ya.

So I finally got back up, no sense lying down when there is work to be done ;) And got them headed back in the right direction. Again. Somehow. And then when we got them through the gate, there was of course, more work to be done, remember the other gate to get to the OTHER field. Well these cattle belonged in the other field. And guess what? Babe had decided that she would do this her way. They are her cows after all. So she got into the field before we could get that gate shut. Drat.

Anyhow. All she did was make a 20 minute job into an hour job ;) hehe

So we had our neighbors helping us, and we FINALLY herded those crazy ramblers into the right field.

And I didn't fall again, but the cattle, who Babe was keeping in their place, socially speaking, was running the poor cows up and down the field. Said field happens to be entirely on an incline. So said cows kept slipping and sliding right down into the fence!! Poor things. I felt bad for the dumb things.

But I didn't feel bad for Babe when she slid right into the gate. Not at all. In fact I may have yelled, "Serves ya right ya pain in the toukus!" haha

But I forgive her. I am not sure Kevin has, though. haha


  1. Ha! Now that is funny. Sorry about your falling, tho.

    Chasing cows in the snow. Sounds like a title of an abstract painting. Somehow, cows slipping and crashing into a fence doesn't seem like a good subject, though. :)

  2. LOL, that's a good story. You're so funny!

  3. That's probably enough excitement for the rest of the year. Herding cows in the snow..fun times!

  4. Ouch, sorry to hear about you falling but otherwise, what a funny story.

    For the record, I never ever thought your life is boring!!

  5. Nothing like the cows getting out! The other night Dr. Hubby was doing the feeding since his dad was sick...he ended up letting several horses loose! It was an adventure.

  6. You gotta love moments like this. They don't seem so funny during the situation but they are comical when reflecting. Thanks for sharing. Glad you guys had a little fun in the snow!

  7. Wow! That does sound exciting!

  8. The only thing missing is the pictures!!:) HAHA! Speaking of pictures..head over to my blog, I finally have Kevins vanity up!:)

  9. oh my word, that is a funny story! I am sorry you slipped, but I can just picture the cow slipping and sliding!