Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Poor Kela


Poor Kela!! She fell Sunday after church and landed flat on her face. Her glasses were ruined. She got this lovely black eye and fat lip, but didn't get seriously hurt otherwise. She was so embarrassed, naturally. :(

I was just glad she was ok.

One of the girls came in the church building and handed me her bent-in-half and scratched-to-pieces glasses and said, "Kela fell!" I was shocked, I said, "WHAT?! WHERE?!" and ran out to find her. Luckily Dave Balderson had seen her, and went and picked her up and took her to Jane's (she lives next door to the church house) and got some ice on her eye. She also scraped up her knees, but not too bad.

She kept ice on her face (ten off and ten on) all night until she went to bed.

I'm glad Dave saw her!

Apparently she was just walking and tripped on her long skirt.

Which is kind of ironic, because she was wearing the long skirt because her dad had told her to stop wearing her short dresses. (They were getting too short to be modest. That girl is just getting too big! I guess she took one for modesty ;))

So anyhow, she is doing fine now. Her pride was the worst thing hurt, I think. Which I can sympathize with, since I have fallen in public before. Not fun.

This is actually the second fat lip Kela has got at the church building! She fell down the stairs when she was about 6 and busted her lip pretty bad too. :-p

She was asking if she could wear a patch on her eye to 4-H last night. Her vanity has also been wounded ;) (My poor baby.)


  1. Oh, poor girl. I'm sorry she got hurt. She might be a little proud of that black eye since she let you take her photo. Tell her it's an honor badge proving she's tough. ;)

  2. Poor Kela! Lilly and I will be praying for a quick recovery.

  3. Oh! I think I feel sorrier for her pride than her lip and eye. It is tough to be that age and do soething you are embarrassed about. Poor dear.

  4. As my boys would say, "That's gonna leave a mark."
    glad she's ok..she must be if she let you take her pic and post on the blog. :)

  5. Oh my gosh! How awful. I was a year older than her when a horse reared up and kicked me in the face. Public school was fantastic with a black eye, fat lip and teeth that were...ugly to say the least.

    I'm used to seeing that look on a 2-year-old, but for some reason it makes my stomach do flip-flops worse since she's older. :(

  6. Oh, poor thing! I am glad she is okay!

  7. Wow, Poor girl! ((huggs to her))
    I'm glad she is okay.

  8. I hope that swelling has gone down. I'm surprised that she would allow you to post a picture.

    I hope she doing better.

  9. OH NO, poor baby. I'm so glad she wasnt hurt more seriously and that she's recovering well.