Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted!

And I saw my 11th grade English Teacher, my grandma's best friend, and even my best friend from grade school! :)

Never know who you're gonna see at the polls, huh? :)

This one guy came in and was goofing around and he said HEY EVERYONE! DIDJA VOTE FOR ME?!?! haha It was funny. :)

This was the first year I have ever had to wait in line to vote. I think that's awesome :)

I cannot wait for the results.

We took the girls, and Raechel and Cassie voted with me, and Faithy voted with Kevin. (Kela is in Zanesville until Thursday, helping her Grandma and Grandpa Kress unpack boxes!) Kevin and Faithy would not tell us who Kevin voted for no matter how much we bugged 'em! I finally got it out of him right before he left for work. He knew it would kill me not knowing. LOL


  1. I voted a few weeks ago. I am glad so many people are voting this time around.

  2. We had mail in ballots this year. Of course, I didn't get mine filled out in time to mail it, had to turn it in at city hall on Election Day. :)

    Me = Procrastinator