Friday, November 07, 2008

I must be getting old

I am so sore! We painted at Keith and Linda's yesterday. The renters will be moving some stuff in TODAY! :) I painted the top half of the bathroom, and then K & L's old room. It was green, and we painted it blue. Linda painted Kevin's old room. It was blue, she painted it a darker blue.

I think the bottom half of the bathroom and the room I painted are the same light blue.

Kevin has been working his behind off down there. It is looking nice. He replaced all the windows and did a bunch of work in the bathrooms. They also got new carpet in the back room, and it is awesome.

They removed carpeting from most of the house, and left the hardwood floors. They look nice too :)

It is funny, cuz my brother just bought a house to rent out, and he has been working his behind off down there.

I think I may be too old for all this work, though. I am so sore today!! Isn't that funny? Ya get to be about 34 years old, and feel decrepit! LOL Kevin will be 34 too, day after tomorrow. :) We will be the same age for a month. Then I have to turn another year older in December. He likes to call me his old woman ;) hehe

Anyhow, I have to make a trip to the grocery store today, but I am thinking I might take a long hot bath before I do, so I can walk! I prolly won't get to, but hey, a girl can dream ;)


  1. Painting is hard work! Nice that they stayed with color, most landlords go basic beige.

  2. You have been working hard! Good job! I'm sorry that you are sore, though.

  3. I hope you managed to get to soak in the tub !

  4. Hot tub soaks: the #1 reason it pays to have older kids. That and the cookies! ;)

  5. You know, I had a mini-midlife crisis @ age 28 and I seem to be having yet another one at age 38 so maybe that means I'll make it at least to 76? :)

    Hope you got that hot bath!

  6. You do need to get your camera fixed/found/whatever so we can see before and after pics! Good for you for working so hard!

  7. I feel like I'm getting old too, but I know it can't be true! :( I'm only 31 and I'm going to live a very short life if I'm getting old already.

    BTW, Seth makes fun of me too since I'm an "old woman." I'm 5 months older than he is and he never lets me forget it. LOL