Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How do you name your babies?

I adore talking about baby names (just ask the SC ladies! LOL) This is one reason I was a little upset when my cousin Paula decided she wasn't discussing her baby's name until she had the baby. I was like, "Well, why'd ya tell me you were pregnant then?!?!" LOL Not really, but I felt like it ;) hehe

I have been picking out baby names since I was a young teen ;) And I love my kids' names :) I love them all. And I love it when someone picks out a name I adore, too ;) Although I am willing to give just about any name a chance :)

I just love to talk about names of babies! Karen, my sil, called me up and asked me to help her with her baby name, and I had so much fun. They didn't really have any "Criteria" so that even made it more fun, or at least made the choices list a lot more broad ;) haha

They are still thinking on it, since they were leaning toward girl names and then found out it was another boy. But I had fun talkin to her about it :)

So how do you pick YOUR baby names?

We pick our names like this:

1. I pick out tons of names I like, then Kevin tells me which ones he likes from my list and that usually narrows it down to just a few. Cuz let's just say he is pickier than me ;) I think we sat down together a bit and discussed names from A to Z in baby books too, maybe.

2. The names always have to end up with 12 letters. That is for his mom's sake. That is just her thing, and I like it.. actually her thing is that all the first names should have 5 letters, but me and Kevin ruined that cuz we liked "KELA" as/is so much... so we consoled her with the 12 letters each. (I hope so anyway!)

3. The names must have some sort of biblical import, even if it is vague. ;) As long as I get it, it is fine.

4. And our babies are all named after people we love :)

So we came up with:

Kela Danielle - Ke from Kevin, La from Lawanda and Danielle is the feminine form of Daniel - a family name and a biblical name ;)

Cassandra Joy - My middle name is Joy, and my mom's name is Joyce. We named her after my mom, not me, though ;) And Cassandra was one Kevin really ended up loving :) Joy is obviously biblical. :)

Faith Annalin - I had SO many pretty names picked out for a girl that we were actually lucky she didn't end up a boy! Kevin really loved Faith, which was one of my top picks. And his mom is Linda Ann, so I switched it around to name Faith after Linda ;) Again Faith is obviously biblical. :)

Raechel Naomi - I wanted to name her after a couple of older ladies at church whom I had known and loved my entire life. Their names were/are Roberta Rae Davis and Naomi McDonald. Kevin did not like anything I came up with for Naomi + Rae or variations on Roberta together. BUT he really loved Rachel. So I said if I could name her Rachel and spell it RAEchel like Roberta's middle name, then I would take it. ;) Plus that got us the 12 letters for my mil, too! :) Nothing vague about the biblicity (is that not a word? Well, I just made it one then! hehe) of those two names, as they are both main characters in the Old Testament ;)

So that is how we came up with our babies' names. If I am lucky I will get to name another one or two before I die ;) haha I would love to hear about how you came up with your kids' names, or even your fur kids' names. I actually enjoyed naming our dog, even though I was not happy with the idea of having a dog! LOL

Let me know if you post it on your blog, I would love to read your naming stories!


  1. Manga Dork is named after my hubby's maternal grandmother...We disliked Wild Child's birthname so we nicknamed her something and then used that nickname in her adopted name...Cutie's birthname was kept but we added an "a" instead of an "e" at the end. All of their middle names are seasons (except winter).

  2. All of our boys have a family name and a Bible name. My husband had our daughter's name picked out before we ever met! He did let me pick her middle name, though. ;)

  3. You must have hated it when I was pregnant then, because we didn't tell any of our kids' names to anyone until after they were born LOL

    Our naming process was actually like pulling teeth because dh didn't really want to talk about it. Basically, I poured over baby names for about 4 months and chose the ones I liked the best. Gave dh the list where he crossed most of them off because he didn't like any of them. When he finally accepted a few of my choices, I worked on putting them together into first and middle name combos. Gave the list back to dh and he reluctantly chose one. The end. LOL

    Some of the names we chose have significance, and they all turned out to be Hebrew (Bible) names.

    Isaac Michael- Isaac was the only name we could agree on, which I was surprised dh liked it. Michael is named after bil, same middle name. Plus, I figured if Isaac thought his name was too unique when he grew up, he could always choose to go by Michael.

    Joshua Daniel- Dh loved the name Joshua, but I was worried it was too common. I finally agreed to it, but chose his middle name. I thought if there were too many Joshua's in his class, he could always go by JD.

    Caleb Joseph- We liked Caleb, and I chose Joseph after my dad. He died several years before we got married and had kids, but I thought it would be nice to be able to pass on a little bit of his name. Plus, I thought he could go by CJ if wanted.

    Gabriel Thomas- Gabriel was actually on the top of my list when I was pregnant with Isaac and dh hated it. I put it back on the list, and somehow dh loved it. Whatever. LOL Thomas was the only middle name that we both liked that sounded halfway decent.

  4. Because I love ya dearly, I'll reveal to you my boys names. Since I'm sure you've been dying to know the past year and half you've read my blog. :)

    Gameboy is Daylen Wayne -Daylen the hubs made up randomly. He likes to make up names. Wayne is from his dad.

    Wonderboy is Nolan William -Again another pulled out of the air name (we didn't get much time) and then William after my dad.

    Bossyboy is Tanner Kaleb -It took us forever to come up with his name since we were pretty much out of family names that we wanted to name after. I wanted it to be Tanner James after a good friend of ours who was killed in a car wreck, and call him TJ but hubs wanted Caleb, but wanted him to have a nick name so we spelled it with a K.
    Now you know!

  5. Bridey was named because I didn't want anything that was in our family already! It had to be different! And at the time I was reading Scarlett and the name was in there. Jake-- all three of us picked it, sat down with the baby book and went through it until we got what we all liked. I like traditional names for boys and out there names for girls. go figure.

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  7. I loved reading this post! Baby names are my favorite too and we had some really neat one's picked out. I remember some favorite from my first pregnancy were Juniper, Haven, Orion, Saffron, Gavin. We ended up naming my son

    Gryphon Sage. I'm really into both herbs and mythology, and Sage green was also a favorite color of mine and the color I used throughout my wedding. Gryphon is named for the mythological creature which is half-lion half eagle, signifying dominion over both land and air. They were very magestic creatures and noblity often depicted them on shields. The Sage is for the herb and it signifies wisdom. So he is king of air and earth and has the wisdom to use his skills wisely. Later we learned that on his dad side they are welsh and Gryphon is a welsh name.

    Our daughter is Ruby Harvest. Ruby came to me in a dream a few years before she was born, and I mean HER not just the name. I totally knew that she was coming and that she would be born in November, sounds weird, but she is EXACTLY that baby I dreamed about and I knew her name was to be Ruby. It fits with the color thing, but not the mythological stuff, We tried to find an herb name to go with it but nothing really seemed to fit. She was born in the fall and one evening at a bonfire and fall festival, I remember feeling so content and happy and the name "harvest" came to me. It's not an herb per say, but it is from nature and timely with the season of her birth. Also I thought it might help temper some of that firey redness that I felt she would get from her first name. We actually were going to name her Harvest Ruby, but I liked Ruby so much. (We got a lot of flack from people who said it was a prostitutes name? or at the least a stripper...hmmmm)

    anyway! I so wish I could have the joy of naming another, but still have some convincing to do with my hubby to get him on board with having another baby.

  8. Hunter is the 4th generation to carry the same initals.I knew before we were married that our first son had to have HD as initals. So I chose Hunter and DH's late father's middle name Davis. I love Hunter Davis!!
    With Hailey I wanted her name and a family name as a middle. (We have some pretty awful family names!! I really struggled for a little while.) I finally chose a name from my side of the family-my mom's maiden name. We didn't tell anyone her middle name until she was born. LOL So, our baby girl is Hailey Blair.

  9. The first time around Mr. MG and I came to a concensus, but the other times he just gave me total autonomy. He said, "The baby gets my last name no matter what, so you are in charge of the rest." :) Needless to say, they have funkier names.

    I knew their names before the ultrasound confirmed the gender, too.

    I love the 12 letter tradition! Your girlies have such lovely, maidenly names.

  10. I love hearing name stories! Ours were all bible-names. First and middle....and we kept them secret. I learned that from the first child. We caught so much flack for our different name ideas with him. I STILL get teased. With Honor, we had the family guessing like mad the entire pregnancy. We even gave the clue that it started with an "H". LOL - no one was cracking that one.

  11. With Toby Lucas, Toby was just a name we both liked and Lucas 'fit' with it. Also, my hubby wanted the kids to have short names, so Toby worked.

    With Kade Stephen Brendan we struggled. I had LOADS of names and hubby wouldn't agree to ANY of them. He wanted Kane but I wasn't keen. He then jokingly suggested Quade and I jokingly agreed. We decided to combine the two and got Kade. Stephen is for my BIL and Brendan is for my brother.

  12. Fun post! I loved reading the details on each of your baby's names. Ron and are are funny... boys names come SO easily to us. We had Drew (Andrew James) named before we were even married, lol. We also like Bible-related names. Jaimee (form of James) Grace... obiously biblical too. If we're blessed with one more and he's a boy, his name will be Jake (Jacob). We have a hard time with girl names... both our girls weren't named until DAYS after they were born.

    God Bless!!

  13. I believe naming my babies was THE MOST IMPORTANT decision I could make that would affect their whole lives. My sister, 2 brother and dad(mom missed by the middle name) all had the initials CAH. I do not like ordinary but not really too out there either. My husband just wanted a name and let me pretty much have freedom there. I agonized for 7-8 months until the perfect name came...son-Kenyon Gregory...daughter-Keslee Gillian...daughter-Kalysa Glori(Kalysa was born 14 weeks early and I wasn't finished with her name but I LOVED Glori). I actually LOVE all their names! Kenzie was one that I tossed around all 3 times but never used so now we have a cocker spaniel named Kenzie Diane(sister in law owns the kennel and her middle name is Diane)

  14. I love how you created meaningful names, Lawanda! Their stories are awesome. I will go now and blog about Janie and Jacob, their stories aren't near as cool, though. :)