Friday, October 24, 2008

There's three. It can stop now.

You know. They say deaths come in threes. Charlie's last week. My neighbor Mrs. Brooks and then Jeff - a guy from church - this week.

That's three.

It can stop right there.

Honestly, if my mom has to be involved in one more funeral planning, I think she may go nuts. Poor Mommy. I'm completely serious. :(

That's all I have for now. More later I promise. My company was FABULOUS. I loved having them here. Having company all week long is FUN!


  1. I'm not good with death. If I had to face three at once, I'd go nuts, too. :(

  2. Company is fun! Hope things look up for ya and your family...

  3. I'm sorry about the deaths!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed your company!!

  4. I'm so sorry that you have experienced another loss. I'm happy that you enjoyed your company so much, though!

  5. your mama sounds like one busy lady ~ sort of like a relief society president I know ~ (that's a ladies organization fro the LDS church ~ they have to do all the funerals ~ well, there is a lot of delegation, but still, ultimately, they are in charge of meals for the family, a dinner for the funeral, plus music, assigning talks, refreshments, etc) ~ she had just barely been put in as RS pres, & whammo-bammo ~ (this sounds sorta insensitive, but it helped her deal with it, sort of) they were dropping like flies. She had to do 6 funerals in 3 months! She was about to go nuts and told me that if she had one more funeral to do, they were gonna have to start planning HERS! Anyway ~ so I really feel for you & your mom with all those funerals, it makes it even harder that they are folks you know & love.

    I am impressed with your fortitude of cheerful vision, however ~ ;-D ~ way to still be mostly cheery in the face of frantic chaos!!! Good fun company can help immensely with that!!
    Take care ~ Red