Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Nine years ago now.

Oh dear how time flies :(

Today is Faithy's birthday. I took her to get her ears pierced. :) She cried right before the lady was about to start, and I had to calm her down. Then of course it was over, and she was thrilled with her new earrings!! :)

So nine years ago today I was in lotsa pain! :)

I was induced with all my girlies. So I was at the hospital by 6 am naturally. :) I had some visiting to do though! A girl I went to church with had just had her little girl, Sarah Frances, and I went to see her when I came in to be induced. She was expecting me :) So then they all came down to check on me when they were released! LOL

I remember Larry, the dad, whom I have known since he was born, making a comment about how tough I was because the contractions were already registering really high. But they weren't hurting too much yet. I think it was some kind of setting on that machine, cuz the later contractions were horrible and were barely even arching up there. (UGH!) That was about 10 am I think.

I did not have any more company the whole day, I think! (I may just not remember! LOL)

I do remember that my parents had Kela and Cassie. And that Sallie Hinzman was having a party for all the little kids at church at McDonald's, so my parents took the girls to the party, and it was right when I was giving birth!


I was on my usual course for the day. I was not dilated at all by noon. And by 3 pm, I was only dilated to 4!

So my doctor ordered me an epidural.

And this epidural. My goodness.

I think, no I know, I would have been much better off to not have even attempted that one. But I guess hindsight is 20/20.

Like I said in Raechel's post, it took the guy 45 minutes and 13 pokes before it finally took!

It was just about 5pm when he left They checked me and I was dilated to 4 still, but I felt better since I was numb. I was just getting comfortable (well as comfortable as I could) when I started feeling every contraction again. By 5:15, I was feeling the urge to push. They checked me. I had dilated from 4 to 10 in about 10 minutes.

This one nurse kept getting in my face and yelling at me not to push. I was breathing the little shallow breaths, but I wasn't really pushing. The baby was just coming right out! Honest. I did not have to push at all :)

I remember Dr Sims coming in and quickly putting on his gloves and saying, "If you want me to catch the baby you'll need to wait just a minute!" and laughing :)

He did get his gloves on just in time, and caught her at 5:56 pm :) She cried immediately, and I immediately turned to Kevin and said, "I think all you got is girl sperm!"

Which made Dr Sims totally crack up. He was laughing and shaking his head at me when he left a bit later. ;)

For some reason, I had much less of a hard time delivering the placenta with Faith than I did with the other girls. (Although I do not remember having much trouble with Raechel, I did with Kela and Cassie, but I think it was because of the type of epidural they gave me with the first two, because I was numb when I was delivering them, and I could feel everything with Faithy and Raechel.)

So anyhow, Kevin held her while I delivered the placenta, and then I nursed her.

The girls and my parents came in after the party, expecting me to still be in labor, as per my first two births. But I had Faithy in a record 11 hours! haha

She was such a doll baby. Everyone fell quite in love with her. Grandma came in to see her the next day and so did Leanna and so did Randall and Nicole. I think Keith and Linda (my in laws) came in that evening, with Karen.

I wish I could scan a baby pic of her. She was really such a sweetheart of a baby. The best nurser. She didn't cry much at all. She slept plenty too. I remember thinking how easy she was all the time. She still is. She is a pretty easy going lil girl.

Of course it helped that my mom and Grandma brought us meals every day for at least two weeks! Plus *gasp* Kevin did laundry!! After I had Cassie, Kevin made a rail on the stairs so I could do laundry, but after I had Faithy, he did it! LOL

Here she is again with her pretty new earrings.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Faith! Love her new earrings. My Faith is only two so she doesn't have any earrings yet. She wants them though! Maybe when she turns!

  2. Cute! and ....lots to remember about her entering the world. :)

    I love that you are a fellow-homeschooler.

    We've got a new site for homeschool bloggers. Would you mind if I add you to that list?

    If you like the site (remember it's just getting started) would you link back to us? We hope to have a place where homeschoolers can inter-mingle and share ideas etc.

    Happy Birthday to Faith!!! :)

  3. I built the rail on the steps because I was still traveling with my job and was only home on weekends.

    When we had Faith, I worked in Parkersburg, so I was able to help more...

    See, we can't have any more kids because I can't handle doing laundry again.