Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Monday

First menu:

Monday - Meatballs in Baby Ray's (YUM, I tell you!) mashed taters, green beans

Tuesday - Chicken Spaghetti

Wednesday - Meatloaf, taters, corn

Thursday - Mac and Cheese

Friday - Tilapia, broccoli, rice


I have company this week! The preacher for our gospel meeting is staying with us :) And his family. They go to church with my Aunt Linda up in Wellsburg. we are having so much fun. Anna is awesome, and Tim is hilarious :)

The kids are friends with their daughter already from visiting Linda so often :)

Anyhow, BUSY BUSY BUSY! I prolly won't be posting much more while they are here :)


  1. Hey Lawanda!! Haven't been onin a while ~ I noticed you are frustrated with that awful interviewer ~ just think, that lady probably hates her job, it sounds like she hasn't got much ~spark~ left in her. Whenever I meet people like that, I think " Thank GOODNESS I can at least smile & be cordial." I also think other *not-so-nice* thoughts, like ~well you little turd, what are you afraid of, making smile lines on your face? Too bad, you already have FROWN lines!~ Or even things like ~HMPPPH, SOMEbody seems to be a frustrated, frigid ol' biddy! Bet a sweet date with a hot husband would make her smile more.... bet she's not gettin any...~ lol lol lol
    BUT, since you are entertaining the preacher & his family, I should REALLY not be admitting that type of thoughts on your blog, should I now? ;-D

    Hope you are having a better day, also, tell Kevin I am SO PROUD of him for actually COMMENTING on your blog ~ what a sweety! My husband comments on my blog, alright, but only while he is standing there behind me, saying "ahh, come on honey, it's BEDTIME! Can't you work on that during the day?" ;-D