Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just call me call me cowpoke!

This evening after Clara's 2nd bday party, we all went up and rounded up the cattle for their shots! Randall, Leanna, Kevin and I, Mommy and Daddy, all went on the round up

It was fun. Well, prolly more fun for us who just had to herd and steer them in the right direction toward the barn, than those who had to hold em in a corner with a gate and poke them! (Randall, Daddy, and Kevin )

I am tired and sore now. I would sure make for a wimpy actual cowpoke, wouldn't I?!


  1. That certainly sounds exciting!

  2. Girl, I never know what you will be doing next. LOL

  3. I definitely hate moving cattle...I have the 2 babies so I usually get out of it. LOL

  4. now see i miss that stuff. I am sucha country girl. I really haven't been able to get use to living in the city these last 10 years. one of these days i'm going back to the country life!! So i envy you and your cowpoke soreness!