Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I usually bounce back up

And cannot stay down for long :)

THANK YOU ALL!! All your comments made me feel so good. :) It is good to know that people check in on my silly self now and again :)

And this morning when I woke up my throat was not hurting! YAY!

That helps. I have a much better outlook on things this morning, which is saying something, cuz I am not a morning person ;) hehe

Kevin and I had a talk last night, and anytime he actually talks to me is always good ;) We also got a saddle (loaned to us by my dear friend Heather's father!) and we all rode Babe last night with a saddle for the first time!

Well, I had ridden her when we went out to look at her, but that's been ages ago.

She was very good. We were worried she would be too wild, since it has been ages, but she did very well. Well, she did well after we caught her. She pulled an Applebutter on us! Applebutter was my old horse's name :) He used to run to the very end of the field and make me run after him with grain or apples to catch him ;) Babe was doing that to Leanna last night. She basically just didn't want to leave her cows. (She thinks the cows are hers. Babe likes to boss them. haha)

We all rode, and even our new neighbors got a turn :) Now if we can only get Kela to riding her more often. She has to get used to the horse, because she is taking her to Horse Camp next summer, and there will be Horse Shows! :) She is excited. She wanted to ride her by herself last night, but Leanna wouldn't let her.

We have to clean the saddle up because it has been in the garage for years, but it is SUCH a nice saddle. It is so sweet of them to loan it to us :) We tried to buy it from them, but they won't let us. Heather's dad says he may use it again someday ;) (They have a horse but she is very old, and founders easily, so they don't ride her ever.) :)

That is fine with me, I appreciate very much his letting us use his saddle :)

It made my night last night to ride. Riding is always so fun :)


  1. I used to ride, Lawanda. I had a 1/2 Arab 1/2 Quarter gelding named Truly Ibn. That was ages ago, haven't ridden in years.

    I'm so glad that ya'll were able to get a saddle and that you all got to ride! I'd love to see more pictures of her.

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Yay!

  3. Sounds like so much fun. I am not a horse person but I would like to be. I was thrown once as a kid and have never really desired to get back on!

  4. Glad your feeling better! Stop by my place and get your award. :)

  5. Sorry you haven't being feeling well Lawanda! Take care!

    So where's the pics of you riding Babe??

  6. I am not really a horse person, but I know how theraputic it is to do something you love to do after feeling a bit out of sorts! What a blessing about the saddle, too!

  7. Just your post title and the first sentence made me happy, even though I haven't read your previous entry yet :)