Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Complaining ahead, stop if you aren't in the mood!

SO let me tell you about my day....

I am still not feeling 100%. My throat hurts and so does the rest of my muscles, and if I do not take tylenol/ibuprofen regularly, I cannot handle anything.

But life goes on...

I had an interview today. I worked at this place last holiday "peak" season. The first lady I spoke with was wonderful, she remembered me. Several of them remembered me. :) I had to take a typing test. I was prepared for this, and have been doing tests here at home, as well. I got 98 cpm. (characters per minute) Not too bad. They want at least 80. Then I had the part where they ask you those random character type questions like "Describe a situation you ever got into with a supervisor." blah blah blah. I can usually do ok on them, cuz we all know I like to talk, right? haha

So anyhow, the lady who was doing my interview was just kinda rude. I would answer, and smile at her and she kinda just made this face. Like, "I dislike you very much, and you are a retard" kinda face.

Anyhow, the first lady had told me the job was for evenings and weekends only. UGH. I said I was hoping for earlier in the day since my dh works afternoon shift. The first lady was all like... "I am sure we can work something out." The second lady asked me if I had a problem working on weekends, and I said what I usually say... that I prefer to have Sundays off, but I can work every Saturday. I know that I may not get EVERY Sunday off. I don't say I expect it, just that it would be my preference. Which is the question she basically asked me. I am busy on Sundays. If I work every Saturday, I don't see the big deal, that is still weekends. There was NO PROBLEM with this last year. Well, Miss Grumpy-britches decided to leave me with a parting shot that basically ruined my day. She said, "Well maybe this job is not for you."


"How wude" (Michelle from Full House ;))

If I didn't need the job, I would not have been there. Period.

I really don't want to work outside my home. I just have to at this time.

She told me not to expect to hear from them, basically. Luckily, the other lady had told me that I should hear from them before next Thursday. So I am still holding out at least a faint hope.

Well, after that bombed, I went to Weight Watchers. I don't want to talk about that. (I will later. Maybe.)

Then I went to Walmart and while I was there, I was talking to mommy on my phone and she told me I should go ahead and apply at this other place. So I went to the Job Service, where EVERYONE was soooo nice and helpful and applied for this other job. It is an insurance company downtown. Well, I feel a bit hypocritical applying there, because I really dislike the whole concept of insurance. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do.... So I had to take another typing test.

I really do not even wanna tell ya what my score was on it. I can only blame nerves.

At home, I have been testing myself and getting about 50 wpm. (Words per minute)

Not so, when it mattered. :(

Luckily they only require 30 wpm. Well I got more than that at least! haha So I wanted to retake the test but one of the workers there at the Job Service said not to worry, they don't care as long as it is more than 30.

Well, talk about humbling. :-p

Anyhow... so I had to go through this whole huge process while there, and I hadn't had time to call Kevin and let him know I was doing this, so he had tried to call me about 14 times, and was ready to send out the search crews when I finally managed to call him.

I felt so bad.


I left there just in time to pick up Samantha from the bus stop. NOT. Traffic was HORRIFIC, and I was totally about 10 minutes late, so I stopped at the school and called the bus depot and they called her bus driver and she went ahead and brought Samantha back to the school.

I am like the MOST LAME AUNT EVER.


Luckily, the bus driver was cool with it, and not at all mad. She was MY bus driver when I was a kid!! :) She always was very nice.

Anyhow. Doing that to Samantha just made my day that much more stressful.

I came home and ate some spaghetti that Kela had made for everyone, and then scarfed down 3 fudge rounds.

I don't want to talk about that right now, either. :-p

Ok, I am so finished complaining. I am going to try to take a long walk and not worry over my life so much!!!


  1. :hugs: Sorry you had such a yuck day! Hope tomorrow is better.

  2. (((Lawanda))) What a truly horrible day. One bad thing would be enough, but it sure sounds like it kept on coming. And when you are feeling yucky - totally NOT FAIR!

    I'll be praying that the right job situation for you comes along. It's tough when you have to get "out there" against your wishes. At least you can type. The Princess types faster than I do...It's very embarrassing.

  3. AW! Hugs to you. I'm sure things will work out on the job situation.
    A little fudge and some ranting never hurt anyone. :)

  4. oh hunny, I am so sorry! *huggles*

    I had an interview from hell 2 weeks ago. Let me tell you, when a liberal feminist,department head interviews a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom(I didn't even breath anything about homeschooling either. I think her head would have blown-up) things tend not to go the way I'd have hoped.

    I could just see her facial expression change the more I talked and she realized that I actually DID have a brain and I gave some intelligent answers that she even complimented me on.
    Good grief.

    I'll be praying for you as well.

  5. I hate days like that...hope you get one of the jobs! Somedays it takes 3 fudge rounds to ease the pain...just be really good the rest of the week. Chinese is our "cure-all" here.

  6. ((hugs)) I've been having lots of days like that lately, too. Things will get better!!! You'll find a better opportunity out there. Fudge rounds can always help ~ at least for a while!

  7. ((((Hugs)))
    Good luck on with the job hunt, and everything else!!

  8. Awww....HUGS sweetie, I hope tomorrow is better :)

  9. Lawanda - what a horrid day!

    I'm sorry I'm late on this. I thought I had set you up in Google Reader, but I realized you weren't in my subscription list about 10 minutes ago. I just added you, so now I'll know all these wonderful things going on in your life. :)

    I hope that something works out quickly for you do not end up working with Ms. Grump Pants.

  10. Bummer about your day - hope today is better! And the right job will come your way, have faith.

  11. I've been out of the loop for a while and am just catching up...I'm so sorry you are (were) feeling under the weather. Don't worry, we all have days like this. Hopefully yours are few and far between!

  12. Ugh. What a day you had! :( I hope you get a job you like soon. Good luck! :)