Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I wanna be like her

Or "A few reasons why there was over 300 people who paid their respects to my Grandma."

I am reposting this in memory of my Grandma Dorothy Sams who passed from this life September 12, 2007. I miss her, but I am so very grateful for my memories of her, and all the ways she influenced my life. There hasn't been a day this past year that I haven't thanked God for giving me the people I've had in my life, including the ones who've left me to be in eternity. Remembering Grandma makes me sad, but it also makes me happy.

There was hardly a person at her funeral who she did not give something to. As a matter of fact, if the preacher would have asked for a show of hands, I would say about 98% of them would have gone up.

Grandma gave.

She gave people things she made. You know that Proverbs 31 woman? That was my grandma. You remember Dorcas in the Bible? That was my grandma. You know the passage that talks about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the sick? That was my grandma.

She gave:

  • quilts
  • afghans
  • cakes
  • applebutter
  • flowers she grew
  • veggies she grew
  • clothes she bought
  • food when it was needed
  • money when it was needed
  • Friendship
  • a ride to church
  • LIFE

As a matter of fact, her foster son, whom she and my grandpa took in when he was 16, said she gave him NEW LIFE. He always has said that if it were not for Paul and Dorothy Sams, he would have been in prison, instead of the preacher he is today. :)

Just a snippet of trivia: Do you know my grandma dug her own basement? Oh yes. She and her 14 year old son. With shovels.

Oh and speaking of him. My grandma could have been a very depressed and bitter person. She lived through much sorrow and hard times.

She lost her only son when he was 19. He was struck with lightning. She lost her husband when they were only in their early 50's. She had lost a baby, who was born dead and in pieces. (Sorry, it is gross, I know, but can you imagine???)

She could have wallered (oh that is hick for "wallowed") around in her sorrows, but instead she brought joy to SO MANY PEOPLE.

Do you know that my grandpa was never really healthy when he got back from the War? He had several heart attacks before the one that finally killed him. He was a cattle man. Grandma had to work most of her life, because of his ill health. But she NEVER complained. She did it happily.

And you know, she never resented it either. She loved her husband. She never remarried, even though she had plenty of opportunities after he died. Because frankly, my grandma was a hottie! :) At age 55 she looked like a 25 year old, I kid you not. I would love to share some of her "pin up" pics she sent to my grandpa during the war, while she was in her 20s. Which, btw, that is another thing: They did not get married until he came home from the war. My grandma told him no, because she saw too many women marry for that monthly check, and then go and get pregnant by another man. Plus she only wanted "her Paul" when she could have him. :)

All of her pregnancies were difficult for her. She weighed less at the end of them than at the beginning. Which could not have been much. She was so little. Little but mighty is a phrase that comes to mind with Grandma Sams. :) She was very fond of buttermilk. Buttermilk and celery were the only things she could eat while pregnant!!

Another thing I loved about my grandma: She was a very firm believer in breastfeeding :) I fondly recall (now) all those times we were in public and my grandma totally embarrassed me by saying loudly (because she was fairly deaf) "Give that baby some titty!!"


Ahh, my grandma.

She did so much for so many.

Not the least of them me.


  1. Oh she sounds like a wonderful lady. The world sure needs more women like her!

    It will be good to meet her in Glory.

  2. What an awesome gramma you had!!
    I'm still chuckling at the "give that baby some tittie"! I fully intend to grow-up to be THAT kind of grandmother. :)

  3. ps
    I'm starting Weight Watchers, AGAIN, tonight @ dinner. Maybe the 32nd time will be a charm. Oh, and I closed my blog down 'cause I just don't have the time to keep up with it anymore. I'll try and keep in touch via your comments though,K? You're in my google reader too but I'm having a heck of a time even keeping up with THAT these days.

  4. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman...Makes me think of my granny.

  5. Lovely tribute Lawanda, it's hard to believe she's been gone for a year now! She gave me a dishcloth when I met her, which I am still using!

  6. That is so incredible. How beautiful of you to share it! My great-grandma passed away several months back and I am so glad to be able to say I knew one of "those" kind of people. By the time she was 85 years old, she was still working hard and taking meals to the "old" folks at her church...the people in their 60's and 70's. She made it to 95, still going strong. I wanna be like her.