Friday, September 05, 2008

Sign Language Class & 4-H

We started back up to our sign language class last night. :)

It is always fun. They are some girls in my class who are HILARIOUS! They are very good at signing, and they should have been actresses ;) hehe

We are going Monday to join 4-H! My old club still meets on Thursdays. We have SLC on Thursdays. So we are trying out a new club. I talked with the leader today and she was THE SWEETEST! Her son is the President and he is 17 and a Senior in High School. :)

The girls are all excited, and have been asking me questions non-stop :)

We are taking Samantha, and when the leader heard that we do sign language, and that Samantha is basically, like, the best interpreter EVER for her mama, she was excited. She said that she'd love for Samantha and my girls to do a demo for the rest of the kids, like a little class!

I was excited too :) I think they will like that. Samantha will have to not be shy! LOL


  1. A sign language class, how fun! I've always wanted to learn.

  2. That is so exciting! 4-H is so great.

    You are one busy mama!

  3. I have always wanted to learn to sign, but am not too sure where to fit it in or what I would do with it! Sounds like you're having fun!