Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poor Man's Steak

By popular demand ;) hehe

This is the recipe for Poor Man's Steak from my OH SO WONDERFUL mother in law Linda Ann Kress :)

3 lbs Hamburger
1 c milk
1 c bread crumbs
3 tsp salt
1 medium onion, chopped fine

Mix it all up like a meat loaf, and make little patties or squares. This dish is similar to Salisbury steak :) Fry patties/squares, and you can freeze them til you need them.

Then when you are ready to eat them, thaw them out, and you'll need:

1 can "cream of" soup
1/2 to 1 can water

Mix the soup and water, pour over cooked patties. And either put it all in the frying pan with your already fried up potatoes like I do, or bake them in the oven with the soup and potatoes :)

I like the Cheese soup with them, or the Cream of Mushroom with a little sour cream. YUM! Cream of celery works too. ;)


My mil brought us some frozen meat loaves and Poor Man's Steak recently, and we've been enjoying them immensely :) My mil is awesome, aren't you jealous? ;) hehe


  1. How nice of your MIL...that would be handy to have!

  2. I make this all the time. I add 1 tablespoon of regular yellow mustard to the "gravy" gives it a little extra tang.

  3. Maybe she could cook some stuff for me to freeze for when my baby is born. That's be *really* nice of her. ;)

  4. That sounds good! I'm gonna give it a try.