Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My camera phone is well used ;)

Faith and Samantha - both 8 years old

Cassie Samantha and Faith showing off jelly bracelets. If that is what they are called.

You might notice that Cassie lost a tooth. She put it in a baggie with a note that said: This tooth is worth at least $1.50

hahahaha I thought it was hysterical. She got a dollar fifty for it. The going rate is usually a dollar ;)


  1. Cute how proud they are of their jelly bracelets!

  2. Jelly bracelets = The 80s! I think I am going to be sick of the 80s by the time the party is over on Saturday. LOL!

    Love the tooth story! Smart gal!

  3. Now that's a girl who knows how to drive a hard bargain! She's a shrewd dealer. :) Good for her.

    Your phone's camera is really sharp. And those girls! Such a bunch of beauties. I'm really coveting those bracelets, btw... Gotta get me some.

  4. Hilarious! Very clever girl! My 9 year old took a hat and passed it around to the grandparents last year at a birthday party after displaying his missing tooth.

  5. I remember jelly bracelets. The goal was to have them all up your arm when I was in school. I am always amazed at the styles that come back around!