Monday, September 01, 2008

Labor Meme

In honor of Labor Day, Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer posted a meme about - what else? - labor, of course! I saw it on Carrie's blog, and here is mine:

How long were your labors?

Kela - 18 hours
Cassie - 12 hours
Faithy - 11 hours
Raechel - 15 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

Well, I was scheduled to be induced for all but Cassie. I knew I was in labor the minute they started the Pit on me with those three! That is some hard stuff. With Cassie, I actually went into labor on my own. I was having contractions every 2 minutes for about 6.5 hours before I went into the hospital. I don't count that in my labor time with her, though. I went to the hospital at 1am, and they would not admit me til 8 am, because I was only dilated to 3, and my contractions were not progressing much, still every two minutes or so. But I begged them to please give me some Pitocen to get me going. So they did, and 12 hours after I arrived at the hospital I had a baby ;)

Where did you deliver?

Camden Clark. But if I ever have another one, I want to try it at home! :)

I had epidurals with all four. Although with Faith I may as well not have. It stunk.

Hopefully never!! That is one of my biggest fears, actually. I never wanted to have one. They kept wanting me to with Kela, but it scared me too much, and they said she was fine, so I said, "FORGET IT!" :)

Who delivered?
Dr Sims, who delivered me and my brother and sister, delivered my first three :) Dr Lowden delivered Raechel. He was awesome. She was breech for most of my pregnancy! Then when he had scheduled that turning thingie, they were checking her out and thankfully she had turned. Which I knew, because it was painful when she did it! :-D

Raechel's cord was also wrapped around her neck three times. Which we did not know til she was born. But Dr Lowden was very calm, and he turned to the nurse and sort of whispered to her, so as not to alarm us. But she was born, and turned pink and cried very well, so there were no worries! :) I was glad he stayed calm, though. It would not have taken much for me to have had a break down at that point. Of course ;)

Ok, that was fun! Let me know if you do it, anyone, I wanna read em! :)


  1. So, is another baby in the plans? :)

  2. I was in the hospital for 58 minutes when Toby was born. With Kade it was an hour and a half. No drugs for either of them. No pain with Kade execpt pushing him out - very weird to feel the contractions but have no pain. It was a big job to get him out because my contractions weren't strong so I really had to do all the pushing. I went to the loo immediately after and they asked me to go home 11 hours later. 3 stitches with Kade, none with Toby.

  3. I am loving reading all the labor memes. And I agree with carrie, is there another baby in the works?