Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I would love to!

I would love to have another baby (or four!!), since you asked! A couple people asked me if we were going to have another baby in my Labor Meme...

However... and this is a big "However" ;)

My dh does not want any more kiddos. :(

I know, I know! I have a lot to be grateful for. I know I do. I try really hard to not want any more bebes!!

But people! They are SO CUTE. And SO CUDDLY!! And SO SWEET! And SO NICE!

And I can't help it, aight. I just can't.

Some people want more money. Some want jeeps. Some want more tools. Some want a huge RV that's all fancy.

I just want babies. I want to have babies til I cannot have babies anymore.

I don't see how that is so different than wanting a JEEP, for pity's sake. Or a camper. Or more power tools. Or a motorcycle. Or a SeaDoo! Or all of them!!

How is that so different, I ask you?!?!?


(If I knew of any way to get Kevin to say yes to another baby, I'd be on it in a minute. So since I don't have a clue how to make him want more kids, I'll just bug him ;) Hi Kevin! *blows kisses*)


  1. I had the same experience after we had our number 3. Kevin was so done; I wasn't. I prayed that God would either change my heart and make me content with 3, or change Kevin's heart. He changed Kevin's - and we have our 4th, Josiah. Who is turning 7 in November! Ack - how did that happen?

  2. I am the complete opposite...I am DONE! Unless God has different plans, of course. Love my kiddos...don't want no more. LOL!

    BTW...I don't think hinting for things on your blog works with hubbys because I still don't have that Nikon! LOL!

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  5. Sorry Mom, those deleted comments were mine.

    I want a baby brother or sister!!!!!!! I will tell Dad!!!!!! :)

  6. I just spent a few moments catching up on your blog.
    I understand wanting another baby, but 2 will have do for us.
    I am always fasinated by labor stories. I have never been in labor- I had 2 c-sects.
    OMGosh, I would love to slap a couple slices of the mater between two pieces of bread. (Both pregnancies I craved tomato sandwiches!!)
    What a precious baby, she is sooo cute!!

  7. I hear ya! I tend to crave babies instead of stuff, myself. Thankfully, my hubby does, too! However, we aren't as young as we used to be. We are so grateful for the children G-d has given us, but we really don't know if we CAN have anymore. :/ We'll just keep loving the kiddos we have and praying for G-d's will.

  8. You crack me up! The last part about babies on how they are SO NICE just made me smile! I hope you can get your hubby on board :)

  9. Like Carrie, I prayed for a change of heart in me or Mr. MG. (And the strength to not nag about it. I really wanted to!) Just about the time I had finally, honestly, let it go...he asked me if I still wanted another. She'll be two in December.

    And now? Most days I feel pretty done. But once in a while I miss it horribly. Either that or I desperately wish I could go back for a while...

  10. You are funny! My dh would love more kiddos, and I am the reluctant one.
    Can't help you on the changing his mind part....

  11. love this post Lawanda! I too crave babies ~ sadly, my oven don't bake no mo' ~ in fact, I don't even GOT a oven no mo' ~ so, I just have to content myself with the 5 I have, and patiently wait for the grandkids ~ I pepper life with commentary such as ~ "being a mom is the best thing in the world" ~ & ~"you kids are the most beautiful children ever, just think how adorable your own sweet babes will be"~ along with the ever-cautious ~ "you know, the best way to be a mommy is to have a good daddy right by your side, every step of the way" ~ siiiiggghhhh ~

    AND I tell them "you know, ever since I was little I always wanted to be a gramma, but my mother always said ~"you have to be a mother first, honey" ~" Which is absolutely true, dang-it! Then I also say things like ~ "I'm so glad you kids know what a special joy being a mother can be, some day, when you are married, & have your own dear children, you'll want at least as many kids as you have brothers & sisters, cause that's probably the number that will feel right to you. Whatever you have, though, I'll be happy with."

    I suppose that's my own subversive way of coming up with at least 25 babies!!! heheheh My plan may just work, you know.

    I'm with yah Lawanda, that would be heaven to me!