Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Four years ago today

At this exact time... I was waiting for Raechel to be born :)

They started me on pitocin at 6 am. At 10 am, those contractions were hurting. I had company ALL DAY.

When it was about 6 pm, I was so relieved that most of my company had gone. I had been there for 12 hours. I was not doing so hot. Because of course I hadn't slept a wink the night before. I have a pic from that morning, when I left the girls at home with Mommy, she took the pic. I was ready to cry. In fact I think I did cry on the way to the hospital. Kevin was a sweetheart as usual. When I cry for a good reason, he is always nice to me ;) I need to find that pic. (Not that I ever will :-p)

Anyhow, back to the evening: I was trying to hold out without an epidural, because the epi had hurt more than the labor with Faithy, and had taken 45 minutes and 13 pokes for him to get it in, and then only lasted 20 minutes. But the nurses all kept after me to get an epi. I kept refusing, so they said, "Let us give you this stuff in your IV, it will help you deal with the pain." Fourth kid, and that was the first time anyone had offered me anything but an epi. I think it was because I was all for the epi with the other girls, so they didn't have anything else to push on me ;) haha

Anyhow, they gave me the stuff, and I still felt the pain, but I WAS dealing with it better.

Then guess what happened?

I got more company!!! LOL

It was my friend Michelle and her sis Christina. I had no qualms about telling them that I would rather they not be there to witness me making all kinds of funny faces and noises! LOL

Anyhow, that was about 9 (I know it was before 9:30) pm, when they stopped by. I was still only dilated to 5, I believe. It may have only been 4 at that point. Yes, you know, I think it was only 4.

Because, as soon as I dilated to 5, like every nurse came in and begged me to go ahead and get the epidural. I was very hesitant still, but I gave in to peer pressure. Which, as everyone knows, when you are already drugged up, giving in to peer pressure is all the more easier ;) hehe

So I got the epi. And lo and behold it was the same guy who gave me the one for Faithy. Kevin told him that he'd hurt me more than helped me last time, and that he better take extra care this time! LOL Can you believe it? I was in a very pleasant shock at my defender. If you knew Kevin you'd understand. You may think I exaggerate when I say he doesn't talk. But he doesn't talk much, at all. ;)

So I got the epi in a matter of like TWO MINUTES! And it was painless going in, took effect immediately, and I was able to relax.

This was all about 9:30 to 10 pm, remember, and I was dilated to 5. Well, by 10:30 to 10:40 I was dilated to ten, and they were telling me not to push! LOL

I didn't push, I promise. Raechel was like Faithy and she just slid right out into the world all nice and easy. And my epi had worn off, so I could feel it all! Which was what I had wanted :) She was born at 10:51 pm.

As soon as my mil came in, she asked me why I could not have waited another hour and ten minutes! LOL (For her birthday! :))

When Raechel was coming out, the doctor who was catching her, turned to the nurse beside him and whispered something I couldn't hear, and held up three fingers.

He was trying not to worry me, cuz he is a doll like that, because Raechel's cord was wrapped around her neck three times, and apparently it was tight. But as soon as she was out and cut away, she screamed a lovely cry and turned pink!!!! :-D

And as soon as they would let me, I breastfed my little sweet baby.

So everyone was in there for a while after I nursed her. Kevin and the girls and my parents and Leanna (I think Leanna was there.), my brother and his family, including Nicole, who was pregnant for Daphne :) Kevin's mom and dad, all took their turns holding the little adorable bebe we know and love! And then I got more visitors at midnight! An old school friend of mine happened to be there with one of her parents and she stopped by to see lil Raechel with her daughter Airika, who is Kela's age :)

Kevin did not stay at the hospital with me like he had with all the other girls. He went home, so they could sleep at home :)

So the nurses, every night, kept asking me if I wanted them to take the baby so I could get some rest, but I wouldn't let them. I remember saying plaintively to one nurse, "But if you take my baby, I will be so lonely!!" haha And when they did take her, to get a bath and be checked out, etc. I was lonely, until Kevin came in!

So there ya have a birth story. I don't believe I have ever blogged any of them. I guess I should get busy and do the others sometime! LOL


I couldn't find the pic of me going in to have her, it must be on Mommy's computer. But I found this adorable pic of Raechel as a newborn, wearing the outfit my dear friend from Oz, Cindy, gave her!! Is she not the CUTEST BABY IN THE WORLD?! haha Well, of course I think so! LOL


  1. What a doll! And what a great birth story. I'm glad the epi helped you relax. :)

    Kevin sounds like a keeper. :)

  2. Omigosh, JUST LOOK AT HER!!! I can't take it. My ovaries hurt. LOL.

  3. Such a cutie and so much hair! She looks almost like a girl version of my baby. He had lots of hair too. A co-worker told me he looked just like a little Indian baby. :)

  4. What a cute story. I love the epi, it is my very best friend! Your husband was brave talking to the doc like that. I tend to be really nice to the people who carry big needles, lol!

  5. AWWWW...I have never seen a pic of Raechel wearing the outfit I bought her, it looks gorgeous :)

    I don't know how you go back for more with labours like that...it sounds like a nightmare. You are SO brave !

  6. Adorable!!! What a great story! I love birth stories.

    Kevin decorated that cake!?!?!? Definitely a keeper.