Saturday, September 06, 2008

Eyes ~ and seeing the mom!

So we were at the eye doctor's today. Kela and Faithy had appointments. Kela's eyes did not change much, but she still had to get new frames. She picked some out that were nearly black, they were the only ones she liked at all. She said she'd prolly just wear her old ones for a while longer. :) I told her that was fine.

The doctor told me that Faithy is VERY far-sighted! So she had to get READING GLASSES. I teased her and told her she'd have to wear them at the end of her nose like some people do. And that she'd be like Mamaw and Papaw ;) She thought that was funny.

She tried on several frames. Many were too large for her petite little features. We finally decided on some little wire ones that were a goldish color. She looked adorable in 'em. They'll be here next week, and I will show ya pictures. She only has to wear them to read.

I am just wondering if this is possibly the reason she has not been wanting to read much this summer. If you look at her blog, you can see there is not much reading going on. She used to be an avid little reader, too. Of course I didn't notice too much over the summer. But when we started paying attention, I asked her why she was not reading, and she just told me she didn't like to read. HUH? She was always into books! So when the doctor came out and told me Faith needed reading glasses, I kinda began to think that this is probably the reason for the lack of reading! I guess we'll see if the glasses help, soon!

Speaking of the doctor... funny story.

We were sitting out in the waiting area and it was Kela's friend Morgan, Kela, and me. Faithy walked out and the doctor followed her and she was kinda looking at us, and looking around, and she said to Faithy,

"I need to talk to your Mommy."
So I was like waving and said, "I'm right here..."
She said, "I didn't see you there! I thought you were one of the kids!"

HAHA! That is music to a mother-of-four-who-happens-to-be-nearly-35's ears! I just giggled! hehe

Sometimes it is nice to not be noticed! ;)


  1. When I was little I was also farsighted and had trouble focusing, so I had to wear bifocals. That's right. I was the only kid in fourth grade with bifocals...and they didn't have those neat "no line" lenses then either. Over time, I have become nearsighted. Quite nearsighted. How's that for weird?

  2. You know Johanna, that is what the doctor said should be happening with Faith! But that she was getting more far-sighted, instead of going the other way!

    It is kinda weird! I am glad she doesn't have to wear actual bifocals! :-p

  3. My little ones just got their first pair of glasses. Now everyone in my home except my husband and four year old wear glasses. They are so cute with them.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I was cracking up watching the video too.

  4. I'll bet you're right about the reading. It'll be interesting to find out for sure.

  5. Hope this helps with her reading. I love that Manga Dork is an avid reader. Glad you caught it! Did you give that doc a hug? LOL! Happy Weekend!

  6. lol about not being recognized! See I told you that cute haircut makes you look younger!

  7. Ohhhhh if only someone - anyone - could mistake ME for one of the kids! LOL

    If your girl was an avid and suddenly lost interest, I'm very sure the glasses will bring back the joy of reading :)

  8. Congratulations on getting mistaken for one of your children! How fun!

  9. LOL, being mistaken for one of the girls. Good for you!!

    Good idea coming up with weekly menus, I need to do that. It seems we eat the same things every few weeks. I am so blessed that we are not picky eaters- even the 2 year old likes most things.