Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cowboys are smart

They, unlike me, wear long sleeves when unloading and stacking their hay bales. So therefore, they, unlike me, do not get injuries from the previously mentioned hay bales and all the consequential stacking.

I thought I would show you what can happen when you do not follow the example of the ever so wise cowboys. It is sort of difficult to see, so you have to look closely:

Left Arm

Right Arm

And lest you are thinking to yourself, "My, how skinny her arms look" because I was thinking that when Kela took the pics for me (and you all are so sweet like that!), here is where all the flab is:

Upper right arm

That dear friends is what happens when your arm hits the very hot light bulb while you are busy on top of the very tall stack of hay bales with all the very difficult throwing and the very heavy heaving and the trying to get them in very straight and solid so they don't fall and harm innocent bystanders who are trying to get food for their animals later in the season.

That hurts. You should have heard it sizzle. Yes, you read that right. It sizzled. And I squealed. LOL

I believe I shall wear long sleeves next time I put in hay. I don't care how hot it is. ;)


  1. Oh my gosh, Lawanda! Stop hurting yourself.

  2. Ouch! Just thinking about that sizzling hurts! I hope your arms feels better soon.

  3. I came in to say OUCH too!

    I would be just like you and think it totally ok to wear short sleeves bailing hay or whatever it was you were doing with hay. :)

  4. I know EXACTly what that sizzle feels like...I burnt my arm n the bain marie at work YOWCH !!

    I hope you heal quickly sweetie :)

  5. I've gotten similar scratches when doing yard work in short sleeves! Ouch! They hurt worse than they look, don't they? :(

  6. Argh! I just posted a looooooonnnnnggggggg comment on here....and it's gone! Firefox crashed. Again. What is up with firefox? Anyway, "Youch" was basically the point I was trying to get across. I rambled about my flabby arms, too, but perhaps Firefox crashed because God was sparing you from my rant.

  7. Ouch. I hope that heals quickly for you.