Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Celebrating our sweet little Raechel

Can you seriously blame me for wanting more babies? Look how gorgeous Raechel was as a newborn!

Then She was also adorable as a 6 month old! And such a pleasant lil thing

And at a year, WHAT A DOLL! If I do say so

Ornery lil jigger though hehe She was writing on herself here, age 18 months.

With Daddy, who decorated her 2nd birthday cake for her. It was her "Goggy Cake!"

Age three! Look how cute!!!! (Sorry, can't help myself, she IS cute!!) hehe

And today. Age 4. *sob* What a doll. We took her to Chick-fil-a "play place" She was so excited , she thanked us over and over She is wearing the little shirt and pants I got her for her bday. And of course, no shoes, just the way she likes it She had Kela do her hair

I just cannot believe my baby is 4 now.


  1. Aaahhhhh! *So* cute! Happy birthday Raechel. I dig the pigtails.

  2. Happy Birthday, big kid!

    She is so pretty. She looks just like a Kelly doll - remember, Barbie's little sister? What a smiley kiddo.

  3. Happiest of birthdays to you, Raechel! You really are precious and adorable!

  4. She *is* cute! You have every reason to be a proud mama.

  5. She IS cute! What a little sweetie-pie.

  6. Happy Birthday Raechel! I know it's bittersweet for your Mommy to see what a big girl you are getting to be. And if YOU are this big it means MY my little Ruby is only a few months from joining you in the ranks of big 4 year olds! *sob* Hope you had a very happy birthday! You are such a Q-T!

  7. What a sweet little girl...

    I used to love bathing my babies in the kitchen sink...that brought back lots of memories.