Tuesday, September 09, 2008

4-H was fun

The girls are excited about it. They are still asking me questions nonstop!! Kela is especially excited because she will get to go to Horse Camp next June, and participate in horse shows, just like her mama did! Only she keeps saying she wants to do Western Pleasure instead of Contest! To which I say: PSHAW!

Contest is AWESOME fun. Western pleasure is just so boring. LOL In contest you do patterns and run around fast! There are the barrel racing and the poles and the cones. Much fun-ness! In western pleasure you walk, trot, and lope (canter) in a circle...

But she says she thinks she'll like boring better. haha

Cassie is taking a sewing project, in spite of the fact that machines stop working when I walk into the room. I am not kidding you. Ask Anne S. ;) hehe

Every time I have EVER tried to sew, I get all bogged down when the machine has a hiccup. I am mechanically challenged. The only way I can sew is if someone is there to fix my machine when the inevitable happens. I don't know what it is with me, but seriously: sewing machines do not like me.

Samantha and Faith are only taking This is 4-H, the beginner's project. The older girls are taking it too, it is required for 1st years. But they can do their projects without much assistance. The younger girls will need more help. So... just one project for them this year :)


  1. Sewing and I don't get along very well either.

  2. Sounds like they will have lots of fun. I might be mistakes (i'll ask him when he gets home) but I think John did western pleasure when he was in 4-H
    We wanted to put Bridey in it a few years ago but the group that meets at her school said she wasn't old enough at the time. Now she is into sports and hasn't mentioned it again.

  3. I like to sew, but I am better at hand sewing than machine sewing. 4-H and Horse camp sound like great fun!