Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We got Grandma's house rented out

It is kinda hard for me to think of someone else living at Grandma's house. In fact it makes me cry. But it has to be that way, and I have to suck it up. So I do. :-p

Mommy put it in the Bulletin Board and it came out today. Well they started getting calls on it at 7 am! They got no less than 30+ calls on it today!!

Kevin and I had to show it to one couple, and I will say I am sorta glad Mommy rented it to someone else. Not that it matters. I have had lovely experiences with renting neighbors before. Nothing could top the FBI agents coming to my house to ask me if I have any information about where my neighbors are!! LOL

Anyway, what I am saying is that it doesn't matter who it gets rented to. I can usually get along with all my neighbors. Even when the Parkersburg Narcotics Squad and Bomb Squad raid the house and tell us to lay low because they think they've found a meth lab in the house next door. haha

I am not making this up. Those were actually things that happened to us when my parents rented out my other grandma's house, where Randall now lives....

So no matter who she rents it to, we can hopefully make friends with them and talk them out of turning our hill into a crack house neighborhood. :-p

The family she rented it too, Mommy said, was very nice. They have two boys and a girl. The oldest is a 13 year old boy. I have to admit this worries me. It mostly worries me because it so excites Kela!!! EEEK! LOL she is going on and on about how she hopes he is cute! I just hope he is NICE. I *REALLY* hope he is nice and VERY geeky! No Johnny's from Grease 2, please! LOL

I can hope for this because apparently the dad is a computer guy who works from home. That gives hope for a geeky couple of boys and a really nice daughter, right? The daughter is about 12 I think, and the other son is 10, if I understood correctly.

You know. I prolly would not worry so much about this whole ~boy moving in next door thing~ if I could just get out of my head how I acted about meeting new boys when I was 13!!!!!!


Oh boy.

No pun intended. ;)


  1. That would be a tough thing to do. My Dad rents homes and he could share some colorful stories with ya! Yikes!

    Manga Dork turns 13 next month! I totally know about the boy thing.

  2. Hey, thanks for the support on the math woes. Hubby is actually math teacher and has promised to help me, ALOT! We figured out that if I get all A's and B's in my other classes, I can still get a C in math and not have it mess up my GPA.

    Rock on Mullet Sistah!! :)

  3. I hope he's REALLY nice and REALLY cute!!! If he's not WHO CARES!?!?!

  4. Yep. I can relate. My Aspiring Lilly (formerly Pookie) will be 14 in December. She's very level-headed, but she DOES notice boys.