Thursday, August 14, 2008

So you remember last year?

When I was SO ORGANIZED I even had a whole year of lessons planned out and written down for the girls? Well. You knew that wouldn't last right? haha

This year - NUTT'N

I do have loose plan in my head of how I want our days to roll, though. That has GOT to count for something. All you OCD, organized-to-a-TEE, crazy people are just gonna have to ignore me!!

I think Kela and Cassie are gonna start with Chemistry. Which is peachy keen for me. Get the hard stuff out of the way up front. :-p Then they'll go on to Algebra prolly. We will do English (grammar and reading) every day. And Faith will be doing her Math every day, and hand writing, which she just adores. We will most likely do another unit study type of thing for history again. Then we'll get Latin squeezed in there some time or other! LOL

They are also going to be writing things in their journals this year that we will be transferring to a BLOG for them! Yes! Isn't that a rockin' idea?! My friend Michelle, who graded their portfolios, suggested it. She had needed lists of the books they've read, which of course I DON'T HAVE! Duh. You try to keep up with all that Cassie alone reads! LOL And seriously, Faith and Kela are nearly as bad!

I thought the blogs for the kids was an awesome idea. They can write their book reports on there, they can keep their book lists on there, they can do other writing assignments for other subjects on there too! We will be keeping them at least semi-private though. Kela is 13, and Cass is only 11, and Faithy is only 8! But they will feel very cool to have their own blog, I think!

Other than that, we will just be doing regular old book work :)

They are NOT excited to start. Well, Cassie is and Faith sort of is. Kela is saying over and over that she doesn't want to do school. LOL

I am going to let Raechel do more school this year. Last year she sat and colored and traced letters while the girls did school. She can write her name now, so I will prolly give her all kinds of stuff to write this year ;)


  1. Lawanda, you have my total admiration for homeschooling your kids!! I can't imagine myself doing this!!

  2. Cool idea about the blogs - let me know when they start, because Natalie is always looking for other homeschooled kids' blogs to read.

  3. My eldest two children (17 and 13)are starting up their own blogs. I've just been working on pulling together our homeschool plans for the next year, too. We are starting back to school on Monday. ;)

  4. I remember homeschooling. I admire you schooling all your gang. I loved teaching Manga Dork but when we added more kids I hated it. I love making the lesson plans...I am weird that way. I love paper work.

  5. The plans will all come together when you get back into a schooling routine no doubt. Love the ideas of blogs for the girls! I bet it will be really a cool little boost for them to look at those at the end of the school year and see all that they accomplished too.

    You are such a good mom!