Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Perfect Homeschool Day

Jenn was talking about her perfect day and I got to thinking about it, and mine would be like any other mother's...

I would wake up early, at least an hour before the kids, but not before 8 am ;) hehe

When I woke up I would have time to go on a walk, and then eat breakfast while checkin' all my blogs ;)

Then I would wake up my kids, who would not be cranky for being pulled out of their nice warm beds (they are a lot like their mother, most of them, and enjoy their beds of a morning LOL)... They would finish breakfast in good time, and get right to work on their chores, with NO COMPLAINTS! (haha, it didn't have to be totally realistic did it?)

After we finished up our chores, we'd go right through all our school work, on a perfect day they would be all caught up already and they'd even do a little extra school just for kicks. Then the girls would have some extra play time, because they all got straight to work and finished up early! :) So they'd finish out the day playing and we could all spend time together just hangin' out. Like we do now (summertime)... :)

SO I guess my perfect homeschool day would just be one where everyone woke up happy and therefore everyone was very cooperative through-out the whole day. What mother would NOT want that??? :)


  1. LOL, good luck with that one!

  2. Sounds like every(homeschool) mom's dream day. :)
    Have fun on your trip well miss you all! <3

  3. Sounds like perfection...with that many kids...the odds are against ya! LOL!

  4. I would just like to figure out how to be a morning person. After that, I could lick anything!

  5. I really got a kick out of sleeping until 8 and still having an hour without kids up!!! My kids are up at 6:30 every day, without fail. I'm looking forward to the teenage years just so I can get some more sleep!

  6. Sounds like a great day to me!