Friday, August 15, 2008

Ok, my kids have their own blogs :)

Kela's is here.

Cassie's is here.

Faithy's is here.

These are supposed to be strictly for school related assignments. ;) They've already got their books lists on there. Along with "to read" books as well. I just hope I get some computer time since they'll be on here posting about all the books they've read and stuff ;) hehe

I hope this is a good idea. We may end up making them completely private.

I love how their blogs are just like them! They totally picked the titles and color schemes, and wrote their own bios. Kela's is a sorta "classic" brown and pink color scheme and all about horses; Cassie's is all girlie pinks and purples and has everything to do with books; and Faithy's is Red, White, and Blue (she is just such a loyal little thing) and all about princesses. haha

I hope they look ok on everyone else's monitors, our seems to be acting up pretty bad.

If they don't use them properly (and do the posts that I assign to them) they won't be keeping them. I went ahead and let them all have their own emails too, which they used as their blog addresses. They all came up with them on their own. I admit I helped Faith a little, but she just could only think "princess" and we finally came up with "faithy-flutterby" because she found out that Mariposa (Barbie Movie ) means "butterfly" in Spanish, which she thought was extremely cool. So I suggested Faithy-flutterby and she loved it. Kela thought it was dorky, but I told her not to be a meanie. ;)

Cassie had come up with "ferwinafyn" a while back, it means "smart kid" in Welsh. I didn't tell her that the word "kid" prolly meant a baby goat! LOL But that's ok, it is adorable ;)

And Kela's is typical Kela, "cowgirl_at_heart" I tried to talk her out of the underscores, cuz I hate typing them, but she loves them with as much girlish gushingness as she does horses. LOL


  1. I read this post to BRidey and showed her the girls blogs so now she is wanting to have a blog to do the same thing the girls are doing. She went right in to her room and picked out a book to start reading! lol So Thanx for posting about the girls school work.

  2. Awww...that's cute! I hope their blogs turn out to be a wonderful experience for them.

  3. I like your opinions blog!Very awesome!

  4. Lawanda, it's just fantastic that the 3 girls start their own blog! You are a super good Mom and have all my admiration!

  5. Yeah she does :):) I will definatly fix cassies blog,thanks! :) <3

  6. I am going to head over and check them out. I started my daughter out with one but she doesn't really have an interest in blogging.

    She likes to communicate on facebook (which is heavily monitored by ME)