Monday, August 04, 2008

My cousin Paula

Paula's water broke at 2 am, yesterday morning. She went into the hospital at 6am, to be induced. They don't like for you to walk around with your water broke, due to possible infections. (In case ya didn't know that.)

She was on the Pit all day yesterday and last night until midnight. She got dilated up to 4. :(

So they took her off the Pit, and told her to rest last night the best she could. they hoped her body would kick in and go naturally.

This morning she started swelling. I don't know where the swelling is taking place, but it has concerned her dr. He said he would either do a c-section now, or wait and do one if she hasn't had the baby by around 3 pm. The baby is apparently doing fine, but because of the swelling they said her head may be even more cone shaped than normal.

I hope she doesn't have to have a c. Her epidurals have only been working on one side of her body. :( I am guessing that would mean she'll have to have general anesthetic if she does have to end up with a c.

I am praying and praying and praying for her and the baby.

Any prayers would be appreciated.