Monday, August 18, 2008

Menu + Camping :)

Monday - Hamburger Stroganoff, mashed potatoes, green beans

Tuesday - Chicken Spaghetti w/broccoli

Wednesday - Taco salad

Thursday - Pancakes

Friday - BBQ chicken with mashed potatoes and corn


My menu last week did not go as planned. We'll see what I can do with it this week ;) We'll be busy getting ready to go camping on Thursday and Friday. So I did easy stuff like pancakes and the bbq chicken. It goes in the crock pot...

I really do like to camp, but my last experience with tent camping was when I was pregnant with Raechel. 8 months pregnant. And it rained torrential rains all night. Let's just say that we WILL be covering our tent with a tarp AND taking a porta potty into the tent this time! LOL

It will be fun. The kids are excited. Not only are we camping, we are camping here. So we'll be going hiking up to the caves and stuff, and they love Old Man's Cave. We will also be visiting and going to church with our old preacher and his wife. Daniel and Beth. We all love Daniel and Beth!! :) Daniel is like the most hilarious person on earth, and Beth is the sweetest! ;) Kevin and Daniel are going golfing on Monday and Beth will be stuck with me and the girls ;) I am sure we will have a ball. Not so sure she will. haha

So I am looking forward to camping. I would just look forward to it a lot more if we were taking a camper instead of a tent. Cuz, ya, I'm a little spoiled like that. LOL


  1. Have fun camping! I'm an RV girl, myself, but I did tent camp with the boyscouts when my son was involved. Of course, the boys did all the work, including the cooking. That was kinda fun.

  2. Have fun camping! My kind of camping is in a camper with running water, power and a television to watch movies late at night! lol

  3. oooh what a wonderful place you'll be staying at! Can I come too??
    Have a great time...take lots of pics!

  4. Sounds funnn! I hope yall have a good time with them.I like old mans cave alot! I am also a camper lover :) Tents are cool too though :P
    I am so glad we took a camper to Colorado because where we stayed for 3 days (way back in the boondocks)
    there were bears!

  5. Have a great time camping Lawanda! Can't wait to see some pics!