Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lazy days

I love Saturday! :) We have been just piddling around doing nothin' much. Well, except Kevin. He's been working on stuff off and on. We are babysitting, but the little girls we are watching went to the Homecoming parade with their uncle to see their cousin perform in the band. :) They will be back in a bit.

Just enjoying the lazy until school starts. Which is now not until we get back from vaca next week. We are going tent camping. Insert very pathetic "woohoo" here. Tent camping is not my favorite thing. I have often said my favorite type of camping involves a hotel room! LOL

But it will be fun. I just have to pretend I am not seeing, feeling, getting bit by all the lovely bugs! ICK! :-p


Btw, if you see me posting under my kids names, please let me know! I think I have already posted under Cassie a few times! SORRY!!! I will try to keep better track from now on!


  1. I love lazy Saturdays too! I had a lazy Friday instead, so I'm making up for it today, hehehe.

  2. Most generally my Saturdays are always lazy..not so much this time. At least I'm being productive for a change. :)
    Have a good lazy weekend!

  3. Lawanda I accidentally post under Manga Dork's all the time. LOL!
    Glad to see I am not the only one!

  4. I'm lazy just about everyday but the girls keep me busy :p I've never gone camping but I'm sure it will be lots of fun!

  5. I love camping but haven't been in two years. :( So have fun for me! ;) I am usually at my mom's on Saturday but we did that Friday this week so I got to have a lazy saturday too!! I was so excited!

  6. Camping is so much fun...until it rains (happened to us twice in the past two years ...still ...think of the memories you are creating for your kids!

  7. The kids and I only had a semi-lazy weekend. There was much to be done, Sneefert had a birthday, and Eaglewood had to work and then get ready for a business trip. :p

    A camping trip sounds like fun to me! The year we spent traveling with Eaglewood for work pretty much killed my enjoyment of hotel rooms. At the time we only had four children, but they ranged in age from "in pampers" to pre-teen angst. We do have some great memories, though. ;)