Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just thought I would share

My dh is a very organized person. He is the only reason we get things done around here! LOL

Anyhow, Kevin was nice enough to sit down with me the other day and make a schedule for us all. Now before you see it, you have to know: My schedule and Kevin's do not really show what we are doing. This is more for the kids, and more of a general guideline, than actual rules ;) (Pirates of the Caribbean anyone? ;) hehe)

So here is our general work-a-day outline for our school days:


You should be able to open it to view it better. You'll notice that if the girls finish their school work early, they get extra computer/play time! :) hehe And Kevin even put the Zzzzzz's in where they are supposed to be sleeping! :-D He even put reading time in there ;) Cassie is always up before everyone, so he put her reading a book first thing in the morning.

We are basically going to be doing chores in the mornings, and then school work from Noon til 4:30. With an hour and a half before lunch, then about 3 hours after lunch. I seriously doubt it will take them this long. They are pretty good at getting it done, especially if they know they get on the puter afterward. Cuz the rule is: they don't get computer time unless all schoolwork is finished. :) I am such a mean mommy. Just ask Kela. :-p

So whadya think? We won't be able to do it EVERY day. Simply because we are not home EVERY day at the same times. Like Wednesdays, we will be at story hour every Wednesday.

But this will help immensely! We desperately needed someone to tell us what to do!  Good thing Kevin was very happy to be the one ;) haha


  1. Wow - that is quite the schedule! Concerns me a bit that they only have a little over 3 hours for school, however. I would think Kela should be working a bit harder, at her age.

  2. Sounds great Lawanda! What a sweet hubby to do that for you and the kids.

  3. A good schedule can help a lot. Yours looks great! Ours is a little unconventional, but it works for us.

  4. You've inspired me to put together a schedule for my family for the school year too! Awesome!

  5. NICE!!! I need something like that.

  6. Looks beautiful!! Good luck with it!!

    Ok girl, you need to put your money where your mouth is and post some pics of your mullet too!! :)

  7. Wow, you guys are night owls! We (hubby and I) are dead to the world no later than 11:00 and we are all up before 7:00. My boys know they have to stay in bed until 6:30, otherwise they'd be up earlier than that, even.

    Our schedule changes too much day to day to do something like that. You know, Tuesdays are Bible study, Wednesdays to grandma's...But a formal schedule would be nice on those days that nothing seems to get done!