Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Its like sleeping on ai..r..ocks!


Our camping adventure was fun.

Let me start off by saying that I would never volunteer to go tent camping. Ever.

But we seriously did have a lot of fun. We hiked, went to the caves, played volleyball, played on the playgrounds, ate some YUMMY camp food. Which would explain my half pound weight GAIN this week. :( I mean who can pass up a couple dozen smores?! LOL Not me!

Speaking of food, I have to tell you what our first night's meal was. Here is what we did: before we left, we took aluminum foil, sprayed it with pam (if we remembered LOL) and layered some good stuff in there. We started off with a hamburger patty and sprinkled powdered ranch dressing on top, then thinly sliced potatoes, then carrots, then celery (all chopped of course) and double wrapped these into cute little packets.

Kevin laid the packets on the rack to cook in the flames of our handy dandy little campfire, and they were SO YUMMY!!!! Between that and the dozen and a half or so smores (Ummm yes you read that right) I think we know why I gained a half pound instead of losing! I mean, if we hadn't have walked so much, I am sure I would have gained way more. Because we also visited Daniel and Beth. And that Beth, she makes a ROCKIN Lasagna! The crazy girl, she totally makes her own lasagna, sauce and everything! WOW! (I told her that I am a Stouffer's girl, myself! LOL)

So our visit with them was extremely fun and relaxing. Kevin golfed with Daniel and I watched Wives & Daughters with Beth. Good times. OH! And I took a shower there too. Shower = good. There aren't showers in tents. You have to walk about a quarter of a mile (if you are on a good site) to get to the shower when you are staying in a tent. Oh yes. And this also goes for the bathrooms.

Another thing about tents: there are no beds. You have to either

a)Sleep on the ground. In which situation the only thing separating you from the hard and oh so rocky ground is a sleeping bag/ foam mattress doohickey. This is the option the girls involuntarily took. ;)


b)Sleep on an air mattress. Which option Kevin and I decided upon. Because like I said, I am not fond of tent camping. And other than the no bathrooms thing, the no beds thing has a LOT to do with this (slight) aversion of mine to tent camping ;)


Our air mattress got a HOLE in it!!

Guess how comfortable it is to sleep with nothing but a bit of plastic and a thin canvas tent bottom separating you from the hard and rocky earth?


So the next day while we were visiting Daniel and Beth, we also visited The Walmark! (That was for all you hicks out there ;)) And bought another mattress. We got the HUGE one. You know that rule, "Never grocery shop while hungry" ??? Well, I would say the same thing would apply to mattresses. Never shop for air mattresses while sleep deprived and facing another cold hard sleepless night of tent camping!!! LOL

We spent a lot of mulah on this thing. It better not get any holes in it like EVER. ;)

But it was perfect for sleeping. Except I kept rolling over onto Kevin, cuz he is like bigger than me. Which I didn't mind, but he might have ;) hehe

I also didn't mind rolling onto him, because he was WARM. Cuz, did I mention it was FREEZING COLD both nights we slept in the tent. That is the last thing I will tell ya about the tent: As far as protecting you from the elements and such?



But hey. We did have a lot of fun. Cold and sleepless nights notwithstanding. Being with the fam all together and on vaca is always a fun thing! *nodding* I wouldn't have traded a minute. Unless Kevin had decided to go to the beach. :-p

And I will stop complaining now, because I REALLY DID have fun :)


  1. I bet you are so glad to be sleeping in your own bed tonight. Your a braver chick than I. I've got to have my facilities and a good cushy bed helps too.

  2. Oh I Sooo hear you about the air mattress. I finally presured Chris enough this year and we got one! and well.. I was a much happier camper. Sadly I don't think I can ever camp without one again. I guess I'm getting old, cause these bones can't take laying on the hard ground anymore. How do the kids not feel it?? Glad you had a good time!

  3. I am making a face the whole time I am reading your post...I do not understand the camping thing...why would anyone want to do that unless the HAD to...I will never be a camper...AT ALL!

    BTW, we love Stouffers lasagna too! Glad you had fun with your cute little family!

  4. Sounds like fun with the exception of the mattress problem. I'm right there with you on that. I need a mattress too.

    The food sounds so yummy!

  5. ROTFLMtushO. That was hilarious. We really like to go camping. It's different with kids, but fun and I have tons of great memories of camping as a kid myself. I can't use an air mattress because my husband would be ashamed of me. LOL. He's a Boy Scout type of camper.

  6. I am fortunate to have a husband who considers Motel 6 to be camping. And he hates camping. So we don't even go there! I think we should go at least a few times because we have 3 boys, for cryin' out loud. Memories. They need camping memories. I have told him that I will just sign the boys up for Boy Scouts, then he can go camping with them on some of their required campouts! Ha - no air matresses there - or free continental breakfast! :)

  7. Sounds like fun in spite of the rocky night's sleep. ;)