Friday, August 29, 2008

FF to the past!


I could not get the hang of making my face match the angle, etc of these pics, but you get the idea. And it really was a blast! :)

So, those of you who know my family, do I look like Aunt Pearl? I think so! Or maybe Haley Mills of Parent Trap fame! ;) This is 1952:

This is 1954 and I look like a pic we have of my MOM! I could not match this pic up at all, thus the double ear. :-p

1956! I look like Aunt Wanda here! Wish I could have matched the pic up better! :-p

Mommy again! Cuz she wore cats eye glasses! LOL This is 1960 :)

Ugh I think this'n looks like an old maid librarian! LOL 1964...

I love this one! 1966 :) I actually did a better one, as far as matching up the pic, but was too lazy to upload it! I think this one makes me look like my cousin Terry Vanfossen. Lotsa people used to say we looked alike!

Omgoodness! I look like Mommy SO MUCH! Her senior pic is very similar to this one from 1968. Only she graduated in 1969 because she failed a grade..

Another where I look like my Aunt Wanda! WOW. It is amazing! 1970 :)

This 1974 looks like how I looked until I got my hair cut anyhow! ;) Only my face isn't quite this wide....hmmm.....

Ok, so I skipped the 80's. LOL! I went right to 1990 and this is how I *wished* I could wear my hair at that time! hahahaha

1992!!! I think I have this EXACT pic! NO KIDDING. This is how I wore my hair in the late 80's, early 90's! And the sweater! I have this exact sweater! I wonder if they stoled my pic! LOL

1994 - And this is similar to Leanna's hair that decade! ROFLOL!

1996. Never really had this cute hair-do. Do you remember when the short on one side long on the other side do came out? I wanted it so bad, but didn't think I'd be allowed! LOL I thought it looked good on me here though, and similar to my hair now! I may go with bangs again! I love it! :)

2000, my sister-in-law Karen, and my cousin Paula both wore their hair with this big round bang front!! They definitely looked better in it than I do! ICK ICK ICK and DOUBLE ICK!! :-p

Seriously that was a hoot. And brought back some memories! LOL If anyone else does it I would love to see them. Johanna did it over at The Jos Know and hers turned out gorgeous, because she IS gorgeous ;)


  1. Okay I am cracking up at your photos! That looks like a lot of fun. I am afraid to see what I would look like!

  2. Love, love, love the pictures!!! I especially love 1968 and 1990! I remember in the 1990 time frame, our school had a rule that your hair had to be less the 12 inches off the top of your head! LOL! But, I too, did the blow out the sides of the hair over the ears and hairspray it until it was as hard as plywood! Too funny.

  3. Love these. The 90s rocked of course. :) I'll get around to doing it eventually..when I have my pics back.

  4. Hilarious!!!!!! I have to try this! Hey, I've got something for you on my blog.

  5. LOL that was to cute! You do look like your mom in alot of those. I might have to try that when I get the time to sit down without the kids bugging me for longer than 5 minutes at a time. (which means after they go to bed. lol)

  6. ROFL, that's funny ! Love the Whitney Houston one LOL. I am SO gonna do that !