Monday, August 11, 2008

By Popular Demand!

I have had several requests for the recipe of my baked Mac & Cheese pictured here.

It is EASY PEASY! (I always say that, don't I?! LOL) PLUS it is AWESOME! Grandma Sams taught me how to make it :) This serves about 8 people, so if you have less, cut it down. It is not the best warmed up, although I like it just fine. ;) I am not sure exactly how much macaroni and milk I actually use, I have made it so often I just pour it all in! It has always been a family favorite :)

2 cups macaroni, cooked
4 eggs
2 cups milk
shredded colby jack cheese (or fiesta blend, that's my fave)
salt & pepper to taste

First fix about 2 or 3 cups macaroni according to package directions. Spray a baking dish bottom with Pam spray and dump in the macaroni. Then mix 2 cups of milk with 4 eggs in a separate bowl with a fork. Pour this over the macaroni, salt and pepper to taste. Next layer the shredded cheese generously over all of it, and then dab butter on top all over the place. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.


This is about 6 to 10 points per serving of a cup and a half or so... ;) (thought I better edit this in: if you add tons of cheese, this will obviously be more points!!)


  1. Awesome Im gonna have to try this one. Easy Peasy is my cooking mottow!

  2. mmmm...yummmm! I've never heard of macoroni cheese with eggs. What a great idea..I'm gonna try this!

  3. That sounds good to me, I love homemade mac n cheese. John on the other hand is strickly a out of the box guy. I never eat it when I fix it for him cause to me that box stuff is just nasty!