Thursday, July 17, 2008

Woosh! (That wasn't me reappearing really!!!)

Oh HELLO!!! :)

Hi there.


I have NO EXCUSES. My computer is not working properly, but that is no excuse is it? teehee

Anyhow. How are ya? How ya been?

I am ok. A little frazzled with these CA-RAZY feelings of trying to get my house clean for my NEW KITCHEN that Kevin is finally building! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a HALLELUIA people?!?! ;) He is building it little by little, so he only has a few cabs done, but can we say EXCITED?!!! ;)


We are getting our new horsey Saturday!!! YIPPEEEE!!

We cannot wait. The girls keep asking who gets to ride her first and who is going to be feeding her. :-D

Here are some pics I took of my hair, which I got darker and a MUCH better cut!! I maybe shoulda combed it first, but I was excited about my better cut ;)
Looks much healthier, doesn't it? This is the back... Do you know how hard it is to get a pic of the back of your head?
Never having been perfect, I decided on the pic with the strand of hair falling artistically in my face for my profile pic, naturally! ;)
I know you cannot see my hair, but this'n was kinda cute, I thought, so I included it. LOL

(Enlarge pics at own risk ;) I have enough wrinkles to stamp a patterned paper if I should so choose! :-p)


  1. your hair looks great. And I cn so tell by just your face that you have lost wieght. YOu look awesome! I'm glad your finally getting your kitchen back. Living in limbo....I know how that is very annoying!! lol

  2. Such cute pictures - and I really like the new color and cut. You're looking so good!

    What a blessing to get your kitchen back. I bet you won't know what to do with all that storage now. :)

  3. You look so cute! Then again, you always look cute! :)

  4. Great haircut! YOu look adorable! And your wrinkles are nuthin'! Really.

  5. No fair! When I disappear I don't get to make a dramatic reappearance complete with a cute haircut! ;) Welcome back and Yea for the new kitchen!

  6. Love your hair, and that last pic is my fave !

    Glad you're back...I've missed you :)

  7. Your hair and your weight loss looks great! You are an inspiration!

  8. WOW! I don't check in for awhile and look at all that happens!!
    1. You look amazing!!!
    2.A HORSE!!!?? OMG!! That has been my dream since I was about 8 years old. How cool! Your girls must be thrilled!!!