Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So we're waiting....

And waiting. And waiting. And no one is as miserable as poor Paula right now. She is due like ANY DAY NOW.

I feel for her. I really do. Cuz those last few weeks of pregnancy... they last 5 YEARS. If you've ever been there, you know what I am talking about.

It is sad too, cuz those first few months of the baby's life go by in an instant. A literal instant. Ya know? :)

So we are also waiting to see if we will like the stallion we FINALLY found to breed Babe to. He is double registered. He is a Palomino and a Morgan! Cool eh? Did you realize the base color for Palomino is black? Would it not be AWESOME if Babe were to actually 1) get pregnant and 2) Throw a black foal?!?! (Did you notice I used the breeding lingo there? Lookit me, using real breeder's lingo! WOOT! haha)

We will be using the "live cover" method to go about this breeding business. Live cover, for those of you not in the know ;) means that we will be leaving the mare with the stallion to actually do their business. As opposed to artificially inseminating the mare.

Oh yes. You read that last paragraph right. People actually artificially inseminate their horses. I know. gross.

But anyhow, the man who I spoke to with the Palomino Stallion, will not even tell me his price for a stud fee until I come see his horse. He says I may think he is ugly as sin. Or mean as a snake. Or some other such metaphorical reason. I assured him that if he thought his horse was nice enough to breed, it would be fine with us. Because it is not like we are tweaking our future horsey, genetically speaking. We are merely wanting to have a baby horse that we can enjoy and which can carry on his mother's (that's his dam, btw) and his father's (that would be his sire) proud tradition of just being a Morgan Horse. :) Because we think Morgan Horses are especially nice ones :)

So anyhow. There's the news on my two main fronts: Paula's baby about to be born in the next few days, and Babe's baby (hopefully) to be conceived within the next few weeks!

OH! I nearly forgot! Guess what? My sil Karen just found out she is pregnant!!!

All these conceptions and possible conceptions and near births are just totally making me jealous though. Yes. If/when Babe becomes pregnant I will even be jealous of my horse.

I hope you can still read my blog posts after that confession!! LOL


  1. I am so proud of myself. I knew all that horsey lingo...thanks to a couple years of farm life. Good luck with all those conceptions and deliveries. LOL! I am not jealous AT ALL!

  2. Wow. That's a whole lot of "baby talk" you have going on there. ;) How exciting!

  3. lol you kill me! Did Paula ever tell you what she was having? I can't remember. That's old age I think, anyway, tell her congrats for me. And give my Congrats to Karen too! Good luck with Babe, I'm hoping all this baby talk will make Kevin give in to ya and you can have another.. Crossing my fingers for ya!

  4. I feel so edumacated now on all the horsey talk.
    looks like you got your 'puter working again.

  5. Good luck Paula !!!

    And I hope Babe has baby news of her own soon too :D

  6. :( Poor you. I love babies, but being pregnant? Notsomuch.

  7. Ooh, if you want a baby fix, head over to Ree's (Pioneer Woman). Her sister just had a baby and she has gorgeous pics.

    What a great opportunity for all your girls, to see your horse's gestation and birthing. That is really going to be something. And as for horsey artificial insemination...Yuck.