Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm sorry!

My computer is really being a pain!!! It will work, then stop. It will not come on for days! Then suddenly we try it and it comes back on and works fine. Well, not fine, but at least it works.

Anyway, it is stressful. And it is too time consuming to try and get it to work long enough for me to post on yall's blogs.

I can read them in my bloglines, sometimes, but trying to comment is just not working too well!!


  1. I hate when my computer is acting up...very frustrating. Miss ya though. Hope you get it fixed soon.

  2. I hate having my computer act up! Since I have a couple of resident computer geeks here, I asked my son what he thought your problem might be. Ditto says it sounds like you are probably having a problem with your computer's power supply, but he can't say for sure without more info. He's been building computers since he was just eight, and is now getting into some programming. Feel free to e-mail him at my address if you want his help!

  3. I'm so sorry that your computer is having such problems! And that's just cruel for it to string you along and tease you with brief periods of lucidity.

    Hope you are online again soon!

  4. How frustrating! Well, I appreciate you comin by my blog and commenting. *muah*

    I love your new header image at the top there - very cool!!