Thursday, July 03, 2008

I hope this is it

I am sooo tired of yard sales! I am hoping that after this weekend all of Ed's, Seva's, and Grandma's stuff will be GONE. I know it won't all be. But whatever's left: I am all for boxing up and getting rid of it! I am personally taking all the stuff I have left over to charities like Crisis Pregnancy Center and Battered Women's. They can definitely use the stuff.

It poured the rain on us about 4:00. Luckily we got everything outside covered up or taken in before it started. And boy, when it started it was driving rain! I mean, under that tin-roofed garage, you could barely hear yourself speak!

We moved a LOT of stuff through that yard sale today, though. Grandma's house is nearly empty. :(

It is really sad to be in there. When all the rest of the furniture goes, it will really be sad.

And mommy and daddy are remodeling Ed and Mazie's place now, so they can sell it. It is going to look totally different when they are finished!

On a lighter note about all these changes..

I am pretty excited about Babe! :) Her real name is Royal Ciera, and I found out why. It has to do with her being registered. When you register a Morgan you have to request a prefix first, they have a list of them you can chose from. I am not sure if you are free to choose whichever prefix you want for any reason, or if you have to pick certain ones for certain families, or what.

I spent the day a couple days ago just reading about the Morgan Registry. Very interesting and cool stuff. If we have a foal I would LOVE to register it! I just think it is awesome to be able to trace your horse's ancestry! :)


  1. Yep. Seeing a grandma's house empty IS hard. Seeing it torn down is MUCH harder, though. (sigh) I'll be praying for you.

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  3. It's been raining here too. Love the changes to the blog. I love moving things around and changing things up! Hope you and your family have an excellent 4th!

  4. have you tried consignment sales? I put my stuff in consignment sales and they do sell for a higher price and you do not have to do any work, just tagging them.

  5. Hey, you've got a new look! I love it!