Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am nuts, I realize this.

We have three extra girls staying all night tonight :) Two neighbors and one niece! haha

But they are all good girls, and Raechel is asleep already, so it is ok right now.

Later when they won't go to sleep I may change my tune ;)


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  2. The delete was me...Manga Dork was signed in and not me. Sorry!

    Sounds like lots of fun...lot of giggles.

  3. Oh yes! The giggles have been nonstop ;) hehe

  4. I am so glad that your computer is working again. I'll bet that the girls are having a great time. Enjoy your day.

  5. Paying off an extra bill will be great. We were able to pay off our car a few months earlier than expected so it really felt great. I hope that all comes together so that you can get that bill out of the way pronto.

    I was reading your other blog and wanted to add that I am a regular smoothie drinker as well. I have a few variatuon but mostly fruit, yogurt, fruit juice and ice.

    It's amazing how many flavor variations can be achieved by just switching a fruit or a juice flavor.

    I've never tried it with milk. I will tomorrow though I am interested in using milk as a yogurt sub. Sometimes I just run out of yogurt and it would be great to have a backup ingredient.

    Thanks for rejoicing with me over my tomato;o)

  6. Sounds like an exhausting bit of fun to me!

  7. It must have been fun but exhausting too!!! I can't imagine how it will be for me when the girls are older and start having friends over. It's usually chaotic enough and they are still under 3 years!!!

    I had no idea you had another blog. Got to check it out! :D