Friday, July 04, 2008


You are NOT supposed to have to wear a jacket on the 4th of July!!!

It is just not right!

But we did today. It has rained ALL DAY LONG.

This morning to our horror, we found that not all tarps are waterproof. :(

We spent all morning trying to rescue yard sale items from the outside tables that we had covered and left outside. Because, you see, it had rained all night last night too! Ugh. Just ugh.

Kevin took me (and only me! NO KIDS) to Olive Garden today. I only ate a little of my entree, and I only had three breadsticks. And I only had a little bit more than half of a Tiramisu. I refuse to count points for it. I just refuse. LOL

On our way into Olive Garden, the heavens opened up and poured absolute buckets. I was under an umbrella, yet my front was completely soaked by the time I made it into the FREEZING cold air-conditioned restaurant! I shivered through most of my food. LOL

Other than the coldness. And the wetness. It was actually a nice day. I mean it is not very often I get to go out with Kevin, sans kids ;)

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  1. YES! I said the same thing. I was grumpy b/c I should not be cold on the fourth of July. HMPH!!

    Olive Garden... YUM!