Friday, June 06, 2008

Yard Sale - again

The yard sales are killing me.

I am so tired right now! We have sold quite a bit of Kevin's Aunt Seva's stuff, though. And Grandma's stuff is going pretty good too. So that's good. Kevin cleaned out the barn this past week (with a little help from me, which is partly why I am so exhausted now... leftovers from him working me to death. haha) and we brought it all up Tuesday and Wednesday and I set it all out and priced it. Exhausting work. Especially in this heat. But we had to do something with it all! Our yard sale room is going to be turned into a guest bedroom, in case Kevin's parents move away!

Thanks for all the comments on my random pics! SG, I am pretty tech-challenged too, which is totally sad, seeing as that was gonna be my major when I went back to school not long ago. (I didn't finish the course, obviously haha!) Jenn, you were crackin' me up! It don't take a whole heckuva lot to make me giggle either ;) MG, I KNOW!!! I AM SO EXCITED! Thanks for noticing!

Someone actually told me today they can tell I am losing weight, and I am looking good. Of course, it was only my Aunt Linda (my bff, and second mother) but that's ok. It still counts!!! LOL

I am planning on posting before and after pics when I reach my ultimate (lifetime) goal! :)


  1. I can not believe you mentioned the "YS" words. LOL! You'll have to read my blog to find out why! LOL! Congrats on the weight compliment. That feels so good when it happens!

  2. Your doing awesome on the weight loss! I'm sorry I haven't stopped by for commenting lately..I'm still reading just slacking on the commenting. Oh and get some rest! :)